The Georgia Cancer Center’s cancer­-Community Awareness Access Research & Education (c‐CARE) initiative was developed to reduce the burden of lung and other preventable cancers among minorities and medically-underserved populations in our communities through prevention, early detection, and prompt navigation to proper care and supportive community resources.

To jump start this important initiative, the Cancer Center has been awarded a three‐year $1.7M grant from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation to support the implementation, evaluation and communication of findings of the c-­CARE lung cancer module in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) of Georgia and South Carolina.

During the first two years of this three-­year project we will implement the module at 12 community sites. The sites will include a mix of African American churches, community clinics, and a recreational center. The enrollment goal is 500 participants.

In year three, we will complete data analysis and publicly disseminate the project findings and lessons learned.  

We will greatly expand our reach and help ensure post-intervention sustainability by training and encouraging community health workers (trainers) to routinely offer the lung cancer module of c-­CARE to their communities, and we will support them in doing so throughout the project. To further ensure long­-term sustainability and expandability, we will continue to cultivate and engage influential champions and policy advocates locally and statewide.