Preceptor Tax Incentive Program

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Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law April 15 2014 legislation that creates tax deductions of up to $10,000 for uncompensated community-based faculty physicians who provide training to medical, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner students.

Under Senate Bill 391, Georgia physicians who provide clinical training to health professions students for a minimum of three (to a maximum of 10) rotations, and who are not compensated through any other source, can claim a tax deduction of $1,000 for every 160 hours of training provided.  Students must be enrolled in one of the state’s public or private medical/osteopathic, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner programs.

Preceptors will register once for PTIP. Eligible academic programs will input information on completed rotations. 

Georgia’s public and private colleges and universities must be able to utilize the full cadre of Georgia community-based physicians in order to educate the students matriculating in Georgia programs.  The tax deduction provides a reward to the community-based physician without creating an in-state bidding war for these valuable community resources.

Please contact Cindy Peloquin at (706) 721-8331 or email for assistance.