PTIP Program Guidelines


Terms and Conditions

Privacy Notice for Preceptors:

Preceptors' service hours will be kept on file as well as non-identifying personal information such as county, type of practice, etc.  No individual names or data will be used for any other purpose than direct communication, and execution of certification letter.  Data will be kept on file for reports to the Legislature about volume and location of preceptors (by county not address and not by name) and to track utilization of the deduction across the state and disciplines.  We will never release home/work addresses, names or any other non-aggregated data without express written consent.  Records will be retained indefinitely to track program utilization.

Definition of "Preceptor":

A licensed Georgia Physician (MD or DO), Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant providing uncompensated community-based training for MD, DO, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant students matriculating at a Georgia program (public or private) for required rotations.

PRECEPTORS DO NOT SUBMIT ROTATION DATA. Each academic program will submit completed rotation data to the Statewide AHEC Program Office.


Eligible academic programs (listed here) must input data on all completed rotations directly into the PTIP system.  Data on rotations will be retained and compiled by the Statewide AHEC Program Office.  If you have questions about submitting data, please contact the PTIP office at or (706) 721-8331.

Worksheet to share with preceptors (not mandatory, but helpful)