Careers in Health Care

Healthcare Providers

A complement to THE Health Careers IN gEORGIA Manual

Communities are experiencing a shortage of well-trained healthcare professionals. These Health Careers videos allow students, teachers and adults to see opportunities in many fantastic careers that pay high dividends with job satisfaction, earning capacity, and mobility while touring the facilities where health professionals work.  

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Health Careers videos that are available

Professional Tour

An Overview of Health Careers

Cardiovascular Technician

Child Life Specialist (1 & 2)

Communicating with Mental Health Clients


Columbus Technical College Dentistry Educational Programs

Interview of Athletic Training Student

Mental Health Careers - Could this be right for you?



Primary Care Physician

Respiratory Therapist

Social Worker Assistant

Understanding Mental Health - A Discussion with Mental Health Professionals

A Day in the Life of an Athletic Training Student

Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Chiropractic Tour

Columbus Technical College Nursing and Health Science Education Tour

Community Health Centers

GSU Simulation Lab

Mental Health Center Tour

NE Georgia Women and Children's Pavilion

NE Georgia Medical Center Laboratory Services

Pastoral Institute at the Sarah T. Butler Children's Center

Public Health Department Tour

The Rehabilitation Institute, Northeast Georgia Medical Center

Respiratory Therapy

Sleep Disorder Lab


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