What is the Professional Scholars Program (PSP)?

PSP is the Professional Scholars Program at Augusta University. The program is an accelerated seven-year, dual-degree pathway for students interested in medicine or dentistry (BS/MD or BS/DMD). In the first three years, students pursue the BS in Cell & Molecular Biology through the Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Science and Mathematics. In the fourth year, students complete their BS degree while also beginning their four-year professional program in medicine or dentistry. Both pathways (medical and dental) provide students with the opportunity to matriculate into  Augusta University’s professional schools (Medical College of Georgia and Dental College of Georgia).

 Application Process and Requirements

How do you apply to PSP?

Students must submit a freshman application via CommonApp, official high school transcript, and official test scores by the Early Action Deadline to be considered for PSP. It is recommended that students select Cell & Molecular Biology as their major on CommonApp. Students who are verified as meeting the minimum eligibility requirements will be invited to complete a PSP program specific supplemental application.

What is the deadline for applying to PSP?

The final deadline for applying to PSP is December 11, 2023. In order to be considered for PSP, students must apply for admission to Augusta University via CommonApp using their official test scores and high school transcript. Students admissible to Augusta University through test-optional review are not eligible for PSP.


What kind of GPA do students need to be competitive?

The minimum required GPA for both pathways is a 3.7 recalculated.

How is the GPA recalculated?

Augusta University will recalculate the high school GPA based on the University System of Georgia’s Required High School Curriculum. Unweighted grades will be used on a 4.0 scale.

Are Test Score Required for PSP if Augusta University is Test Optional?

Yes, official SAT/ACT scores are required.

What kind of ACT/SAT score do students need to be competitive?

The minimum required scores for BS/MD applicants are a 32 composite ACT or 1450 SAT.

The minimum required scores for BS/DMD applicants are a 30 composite ACT or 1360 SAT.

Students who meet the minimum requirements for consideration are reviewed holistically.

Does PSP take super scores?

Yes, Augusta University and PSP accept super scores.

Can I take a November or December standardized test?

No. The November and December standardized test score results are released too late to be considered for PSP.

Is there a preference for in-state students?

Yes, PSP prefers in-state, domiciled residents of Georgia.

Do you have to be a U.S. Citizen to apply to PSP?

You must either be a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. Permanent resident at the time of application.

Supplemental Application

Will I automatically gain access to the program supplemental application after submitting my CommonApp?

No, students will only gain access to the program supplemental application once they have been verified as meeting the minimum requirements.

When is the supplemental application released?

The supplemental application is released to qualifying students once it has been verified that they meet the minimum requirements

How do I access the supplemental application?

Qualifying students will be invited to complete the supplemental application in their admission portal once it has been verified that they meet the minimum program requirements.

Can I access the supplemental application early?

No, only qualifying students can access the supplemental application.

Can I apply for both pathways, BS/MD and BS/DMD?

No, students can only apply to one pathway.

What can I expect on the supplemental application?

The supplemental application includes the following sub-sections:

  • Personal Information
  • Meaningful Experiences
  • Short Answer Responses
  • Video Essays
  • Additional Information

Do I need to submit a letter of recommendation?

Yes, you need to submit one letter of recommendation to accompany your supplemental application. Applicants will gain access to the Letters of Recommendation request tool with their supplemental application in the admissions portal.

Will letters of recommendation from my CommonApp be considered?

No. You will need to use the Letter of Recommendation request tool that is associated with the supplemental application in the admissions portal.


Are interviews required?

Students applying to the BS/DMD pathway will be required to participate in an interview. Student’s applying to the BS/MD pathway will not be required to interview.

How many applicants are invited for an interview (BS/DMD only)?

The number of students invited to interview for the BS/DMD pathway is based upon the pool of complete applications each year.

Who conducts the PSP interviews (BS/DMD only) ?

The members of the admissions sub-committee for each professional school conduct all interviews – these are the same people who interview potential dental students at AU.



How many PSP applications are submitted each year?

The number of applications varies each year, but PSP receives over 300 total completed applications from qualified students, with approximately 250 for the BS/MD pathway and 50 for the BS/DMD pathway.

How many applicants are accepted?

The number of spots offered in each pathway varies each year depending on the caliber of applicants. The BS/MD pathway accepts up to 25 students. The BS/DMD typically accepts 10 students.

Is there an alternative or waitlist?

The BS/MD pathway does not utilize an alternative or waitlist. The BS/DMD pathway does utilize an alternative or waitlist with students being notified of this offer.

When are acceptance decisions announced?

Decisions are announced between Mid-March and April 1.

How are students notified of their decision?

Decisions are released to students via email. Students accepted to one of the PSP pathways will also receive a notification in their admissions portal with additional information on how to accept their offer.

If not admitted, can I reapply to PSP?

A student may only apply once.

Can students receive feedback on their application or interview?

Due to the volume of applications and the confidentiality of the sub-committees that select and interview applicants, we are unable to provide feedback to students regarding applications or interviews.



Can you be in the Honors Program and PSP?

No. PSP exists independently of the Honors Program. Due to the PSP program requirements, students are not able to participate in both opportunities; however, students not accepted into PSP can apply to the Honors Program.

Can I apply to the PSP as a transfer student?

No, you cannot apply as a transfer student: however, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is happy to discuss the opportunities available to you at Augusta University as a transfer student.

Are AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment credit accepted.

In general, yes. Your credits will be articulated into your academic transcript and the Program Manager will work with you to develop a schedule to ensure you are meeting the program academic requirements.

Are there special scholarships for PSP students? Do these cover out-of-state tuition?

No, there are no special scholarships for PSP students, but all PSP students are considered for Augusta University’s merit-based scholarships. Students are also encouraged to complete the Augusta University scholarship application in Scholarship Universe by February 1 to be considered for additional opportunities.

Out-of-state applicants may qualify for a waiver that covers the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition and fees. Students will be notified directly by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if they qualify. A completed application is required for consideration.

Program Expectations

What are the academic expectations of PSP students?

All students in PSP will be evaluated to a standard of professional competencies consistent with a future career in medicine or dentistry. These required professional competencies include Patient Care and Procedural Skills, Basic Sciences and Medical/Dental Knowledge, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, and Professionalism. In addition to these competencies, students must meet their pathway requirements as outlined on the PSP webpage.

Can I take classes during the summer?

No. Due to the nature of the curriculum, all courses are to be taken during the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. Students enrolled in the PSP do not have the option to take courses out of sequence, repeat courses, or take courses at another institution during the summer.

Do I have to take the MCAT or DAT?

Yes, students take the MCAT or DAT as a part of their requirements for matriculation into professional school.

Is there a non-accelerated option?

Yes, students can talk with the Program Manager about the 4/4 option once accepted into  PSP.

Can PSP students apply to medical and dental schools outside of Augusta University?

No. Students will complete their professional studies at their program’s respective professional school, the Medical College of Georgia or the Dental College of Georga. Both the Medical and Dental College are a part of the Augusta University campus.


Campus Visit and Meeting Opportunities

Can I visit campus to learn more about PSP?

Yes, we welcome students and their families to join us on campus to explore the Augusta University community through a Daily Campus Tour or See Augusta Preview Day. These opportunities provide a learning session about the admissions process, university information from Augusta University staff, and a walking tour of our Summerville and Health Sciences campuses. See Augusta Preview Days have expanded opportunities to include interactions with colleges and departments and interactive learning sessions around campus. Our Admissions Counselors and 1828 Ambassador Tour Guides are well versed in PSP and can help answer any questions that you have while visiting campus. If you are not able to visit campus in-person, we also provide virtual opportunities. You can schedule your on-campus or virtual experience here.

Do you offer any PSP specific events?

Virtual Information Sessions are offered at various times throughout the year. To learn when the next virtual session will be offered view our Visit Augusta University webpage here.

Can I schedule a meeting with someone to discuss  PSP?

You can connect directly with your assigned Admissions Counselor to discuss  PSP. Set up an appointment by booking a meeting with your representative here.