The Academic Success Center (ASC) is home to a variety of free in-person and online tutoring and academic support services. Our number one goal is to see you succeed! We provide peer tutoring for most subjects across the undergraduate curriculum.

Fall 2023 Student Contacts (as of 11-12-2023)


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The ASC provides the following services: Academic Success Consultations, Course-Based Tutoring, Peer Coaching, Study, and Success Workshops.

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Fall 2023 Upcoming Events

November 13th - 17th

  • Course-Based Tutoring Available
  • Note-Taking Workshops
  • Time Management Workshops
  • Study Strategies Workshops
  • Test/Finals Prep Workshops
  • Sense of Purpose/Mindset Workshops
  • Friday Group Tutoring Sessions

November 20th - 24th

  • 22nd - Thanksgiving Holiday - No Tutoring 
  • 22nd - ASC Professional Staff Virtually open
  • 23rd - Thanksgiving Holiday - No Tutoring or Academic Support
  • 24th - Thanksgiving Holiday - No Tutoring or Academic Support

November 27th - December 1st

  • Course-Based Tutoring Resumes
  • Academic Success Consultations
  • Academic Peer Coaching
  • Course-Specific Workshops
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Labs Open

December 4th - 8th

  • 6th - Last Day of Tutoring and Academic Support
  • 7th - Reading Day - No Classes
  • 8th - Final Exams Start

December 11th - 15th

  • 11th - Final Exams
  • 12th - Final Exams
  • 13th - Final Exams
  • 14th - Commencement Ceremony

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ASII 1101 - Learning For Success

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