The Academic Success Center (ASC) is home to a variety of free tutoring and academic support services. Our number one goal is to see you succeed! 

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The ASC is located on the 1st floor of University Hall. The Center is open for general study, course-based tutoring, success workshops, virtual reality and peer coaching. 



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Academic Success Center

Summerville Campus

University Hall

Suite #156


Mon - Thu: 8:00a - 7:00p
Fri: 8:00a - 5:00p

Fall 2023 Upcoming Events

September 25th - 29th 

  • 25th - How to Study Online Workshop
  • 26th - Time Management Workshop
  • 27th - College Algebra (MATH-1111) Workshop
  • 29th - Time Blocking Workshop

October 2nd - 6th        Midterm Madness Events

  • Snacks & Food Available all week
  • Note-Taking Workshop
  • Exam Tips & Strategies for Chemistry
  • Anatomy & Physiology Workshop
  • Time Management Workshop

October 9th - 13th

  • Major Fest
  • 12th - Fall Pause - No Classes/Tutoring
  • 13th - Fall Pause - No Classes/Tutoring

October 16th - 20th 

  • Last Day to receive a "W"
  • Spring 2024 Registration Begins
  • Course-Based Tutoring Continues

October 23rd - 27th 

  • Content Specific Workshops
  • Virtual Reality Demonstrations

Together we can be successful!