To offer online programs to students who live outside of Georgia, or to enroll students in field experiences that will take place outside of Georgia (such as internships, clinicals, practicums, student teaching), Augusta University (AU) must meet all of the regulatory requirements of the state where the activity will take place.  This page provides information on where AU is currently able to offer programs, courses, or field experiences outside of Georgia.  

If you will be living internationally, or have any questions about the information on this page, please contact the office of the Vice Provost for Instruction 706-721-3256,

If you are expecting a change in your physical location, contact the State Authorization office as soon as you know the anticipated location(s).  Physical presence in a location where we do not meet state regulatory requirements can negatively impact our ability to offer you federal financial aid, military tuition assistance, or your continuation with in the program.  These restrictions extend to courses taken online over the summer, and to internships, clinicals or other forms of field experiences if they are conducted outside of an approved state.  Students are responsible for providing accurate and updated information about their physical presence to the institution.

Early notification allows the institution to minimize, but may not prevent, the possibility of program delays. 

General Program Authorization

As a National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) approved institution, AU is authorized to offer our online programs to students living in SARA states/territories. AU activity in California is currently exempt from authorization by the state approving agency.

For programs related to licensed professions (i.e. Teacher Education, Education Leadership, and Allied Health) the university must also meet the requirements of the state licensing board before the program can be offered in that state. See the section below on Professional Licensure Program Authorization for more information on our ability to offer those programs.

Academic programs will send notice to students when they determine that the programs academic curriculum no longer meet the licensure or accreditation standards within their state or declared location.

Professional Licensure Program Authorization

Programs related to licensed professions such as Nursing, Teacher Education, Educational Leadership, Accounting and Counseling must comply with the regulatory requirements of both the state approving agency and the state professional licensing Board before AU can offer the program to a student in that state.  Student should consult the academic program for information related to professional licensure and certification.

It is important to know that programs leading to all levels of licensure, endorsement, and professional certification are designed to satisfy the requirements of the appropriate professional licensing boards in Georgia.  Those standards may not necessarily satisfy the licensure requirements outside of Georgia.  Students who are considering a professional program, and who intend to seek employment outside of Georgia, should contact the appropriate board in the state/territory they want to practice before beginning a program to ensure that they understand their state's requirements for licensure.

Follow the links below for professional Licensing Board contacts by state.

For assistance determining licensure requirements for any state or program please contact the program coordinator or contact the office of the Vice Provost for Instruction 706-721-3256,


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