Online Tuition

The below eTuition rates are charged for programs that are 95% or more distance learning. Tuition is charged per credit hour, with a cap for each degree type.

Undergraduate: 10 credit hours per semester (Cap is charged at 15 credit hour rate)
Graduate: 12 credit hours per semester (Through Summer 2024)

Additionally, these fully online programs incur the following mandatory fees: Technology Fee and Immunization Tracking Fee.  Other program or course-related fees may be charged.

BS in Clinical Lab Sciences 295.47
BS in Dental Hygiene 295.47
BS in Health Information Admin 295.47
BS in Nuclear Medicine 295.47
BS in Respiratory Therapy 295.47
Doctor of Nursing Practice 453.00
Master of Science in Kinesiology 230.00
Master Physician Assistant 600.00
MEd Curriculum and Instruction 230.00
MEd Educational Leadership 230.00
MEd Teacher Leadership 230.00
MHS in Clinical Lab Sciences 515.00
Post-Bacc Certificate in Sports Coaching 230.00
Post-Bacc Certificate in Health Professions Education 230.00
Web MBA 739.00