Scholarships for Nuclear Science - Augusta University - Supported by the US Department of Energy

Scholarships of $1,800 per semester are available to assist students in completing the Bachelor of Science in Physics Nuclear Science Track or the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Nuclear Science Track. Some selected students may qualify for automatic continued support in subsequent semesters (assuming eligibility requirements are maintained). Other students may be accepted on an individual semester basis requiring a resubmission of application for subsequent semesters. Part-time students may qualify for partial scholarships.

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Scholarships of up to $8,000 per year are available from a National Science Foundation S-STEM award to assist academically talented students completing degrees in Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Mathematics or Physics. 

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Dinwiddie Chemistry Scholarship

To be eligible, applicants must be seeking graduation from Augusta University as a professional Chemistry major, must have attained at least sophomore standing, and must have attended Augusta University for one full year.  The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of scholastic ability and an exhibited interest in the liberal and fine arts at Augusta University.  The scholarship is made possible through a donation from Dr. J. Gray Dinwiddie, Jr. and Mrs. Rockie Dinwiddie.

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Departmental Scholarships

These are awarded to junior and senior chemistry or physics majors using the individual scholarship criteria.

  • Operations Management International Physics Scholarship
  • Richard T. Mixon Chemistry Scholarship
  • Dr. Gray and Ms. Rozelle Dinwiddie Chemistry Scholarship
  • Chemistry and Physics Student Research Scholarships 


The department offers many students the opportunity to work as paid assistants in our introductory lab courses. These students work alongside our faculty helping students and preparing labs. In addition, many of our students work as tutors in the HSC SciMath Tutoring Center.