dental mold


The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University believes that a diverse student body enhances the educational opportunities for all students and is beneficial to the dental profession, The Dental College of Georgia, and the State of Georgia.

Civil Engineers


The pre-engineering program prepares students to transfer and succeed at many engineering programs throughout the state of Georgia and elsewhere. 

pre-medical student


Biochemistry I will be offered this summer in “term 2” (mid-May to late-June).  Therefore you could take the class before the MCAT! And the MCAT is VERY Biochem heavy.  Biochem in 23 days will be brutal, but no worse than medical school.  Consider putting this on your calendar.   Remember Organic II is a prerequisite for this course. 

Team of pharmacists


Pre-pharmacy is a set of courses that must be completed prior to admission into a pharmacy program. Nearly all will require you to earn a BS degree. Pharmacy programs vary by school and you should investigate the schools you are interested in to verify that you meet their requirements. Most programs are similar in the minimum requirements.