Understanding the Universe, One Equation at a Time!

The Augusta State University Physics Club is a student organized group focused on the study of Physics and it's applications to real-life scenarios. The Physics Club is currently focused on building a strong community among those students that study Physics, as well as the students in the ASU community. Club meetings often feature "Chalk Talks" where the undergraduate research of one of the students is presented in an informal setting.

In addition to providing a friendly environment for those who are interested in science, the Augusta State University Physics Club also organizes and hosts annual competitions, such as the Egg Drop and the Rocket Launch. These annual competitions encourage students to compete using their knowledge of physics and science, as well as their common sense. The Physics Club puts forth a great effort into making these competitions a great success year after year, and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come.

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Physics Club Officers (2012-2013):

President: Liz Johnson (cjohn102@aug.edu)
Vice President: Stephen Safford (ssafford@aug.edu)
Treasurer: Matthew Roberts (mrobert17@aug.edu)
Secretary: Murray Macnamera (mmacnama@aug.edu)