Physics Majors Tammy Dencker and Philip Javernick Win Travel Awards

Travel AwardsPhysics majors Tammy Dencker and Philip Javernick have both received travel awards to present their research at the 2011 Annual Seismological Society of America meeting (Memphis, TN) and 2011 Annual American Physical Society March meeting (Dallas, TX), respectively. 

Tammy’s talk is titled “Three dimensional wave gradiometry”. Three dimensional wave gradiometery refers to an analysis method in which the direction, speed, and geometrical spreading of waves can be estimated by analyzing the spatial gradients of the wave as they pass by the array. Tammy’s research involves constructing a 3-D phased array of microphones to record the passage of sound waves as it traverses the array. The research work carried out is an extension of Dr. Poppeliers’ work on two dimensional seismic wave gradiometry to three dimensions. 

Philip’s talk is titled “Synchronization effects in chaotic oscillators with spatially dependent frequency mismatch”. His research involves the investigation of spatiotemporal chaos, a phenomena in which the fluctuations in space play a significant role on the chaotic dynamics. Specifically, Philip is investigating the phenomena of synchronization for two coupled chaotic oscillators with a frequency mismatch which is explicitly spatially dependent. 

Congratulations to Tammy and Philip!