Chemistry Club Receives Recognition and an Award from the American Chemical Society (February 2020)
Chemistry Club Awarded ACS Green Chemistry Award
(October 2019)
HONR 3900: Breaking Boundaries - Interactive Art and Physical Computing
(April 2018)
‘Research has definitely changed my life’: Augusta University student wins top award for physics presentation 
(May 2019)
Chemistry Major Interns at SRNL (September 2016)
Student-Led Medical Physics Research (November 2015)
Students Take Part In New Leadership and Peer Mentoring Course (March 2015) 
Three Physics Majors Part of Local Company Internship (September 2014)
Chemistry Students Present Research at SERMACS 2013 (December 2013)
Junior Physics Major Wins Award at APS Meeting (March 2013)
Chemistry Student Does Summer Research in Belgium (August 2012) 
Senior Chemistry Major Wins Multiple Awards (March 2012) 
Senior physics major Philip Javernick Wins Award (March 2012) 
Chemistry Research Student Wins Honors Presentation Award (February 2012) 
Chemistry Research Student Co-Authors Journal Publication (November 2011) 
Physics Major to Attend Ohio State University (April 2011)
Student Wins Award at GAS Meeting (April 2011)
Chemistry, Physics Students Receive Awards (March 2011)
Physics Majors Tammy Dencker and Philip Javernick Win Travel Awards (January 2011)
Chemistry Students and Faculty Give Presentations at SERMACS in New Orleans (December 2010)
Physics Honors Students Give Poster Presentations (December 2010)
Spring 2010 Chemistry Graduate Accepted to PhD Program at Notre Dame (November 2010)
Physics/Chemistry Double Major Presents Summer REU Research (October 2010)