Physics/Chemistry Double Major Presents Summer REU Research

REU ResearchAs part of the ASU Brown Bag Student Research Series this fall, Maitri Desai, a senior double major in physics and chemistry, gave a presentation about the REU research that she conducted this summer at Georgia Tech under the advisement of Professor Jennifer Curtis. Maitri discussed the 10 week REU program, called “Hooked on Photonics”, and then gave an overview the research she conducted on “nanoscale device fabrication” using techniques such as thermochemical nanolithography (TCNL) and supramolecular nanostamping (SuNS). The title of her talk was “High Density Bio-Nano Device Fabrication using TCNL and SuNS”. This was not the first time that Maitri has presented her summer research. She also presented it at the Georgia Tech REU Research Symposium, which was held at the conclusion of the summer program, and at the 2010 Southeast Section of the American Physics Society (SESAPS) meeting at Louisiana State University (LSU) in October. Below are some comments from Maitri about her summer research experience: 

“This project collaborated surface chemistry with materials science in which I was able to apply my extensive knowledge of chemistry and physics. We employed important concepts such as micro-contact printing, Thermochemical Nanolithography (TCNL), and Supramolecular Nanostamping (SuNS) to fabricate microarrays offering high information density. Our group focused on a novel lithography technique TCNL which uses an AFM tip to thermally alter surface chemistry at nanoscale, providing a substrate to link biomolecules site-specifically. The Hooked on Photonics program provided me novel learning experience that played a key role in my interest in attending graduate school. My experience was informative but with fun. Seminars such as applying to grad schools, abstract writing, keeping a lab notebook, GRE prep courses, graduate school and career advising panels prepared me to go to graduate school. Activities like challenge course, braves game, visit to Oakridge National Lab, white water rafting, paintball outing, and cookout enhanced my experience at GA Tech.” 

Congratulations to Maitri on her accomplishments! Sounds very exciting!