New Faculty Members Join Department


We are pleased to welcome four new faculty members to the Department this fall.  Some information about each of these new faculty members is given here.

Dr. Iryna Lebedyeva (Medicinal Chemistry)
The Chemistry and Physics Department of Augusta University would like to welcome Dr. Lebedyeva as an Assistant Professor. She joined the staff August 2014. Before finding her home at Augusta University, Dr. Lebedyeva was a teacher in the Ukraine. During this time she was a PhD student teaching Organic Chemistry and Introductory Lab classes.  After that, she worked as a post-doc at the University of Florida.  Dr. Lebedyeva is excited to start with our school and has quickly found herself being a vital role in a collaborative research project. These projects are aimed at finding cures for prostate, breast, and skin cancers. She will be teaching Medicinal Chemistry and Rational Drug Design this year. Dr. Lebedyeva is very glad to have found the opportunities she has at Augusta University, and loves this campus because it is vibrant and developing!

Dr. Josefa Guerrero-Millan (Physics)
New Augusta University Instructor, Dr. Guerrero-Millan is welcomed to campus! Before starting at Augusta University, she worked with Georgia Tech’s School of Physics for three years. Prior to arriving to our school, Dr. Guerrero-Millan taught Electromagnetism Labs and Introductory Physics. Now, she is instructing PHYS 1112 and ISCI 2002 at Augusta University. Dr. Guerrero-Millan is working with three students on pedagogical research projects where they work in both the laboratory and on the computer. She is really enjoying Augusta University because she has felt very welcomed by both students and faculty. Dr. Guerrero-Millan’s favorite thing so far about Augusta University is the strong sense of community!

Dr. Hao You (Physics)
Dr. You is new and welcomed to the Chemistry and Physics Department here at Augusta University! Prior to working at our school, Dr. You was a postdoc at the University of Georgia. Dr. You had teaching experience in graduate school at Maryland where he was a Lab Teaching Assistant for Introductory Physics. Now, Dr. You is instructing PHSC 1011 and PHYS 1111 at Augusta University. In the past two months at Augusta University, Dr. You has finished one research project with the collaborator at Freie Universität Berlin in Germany. Dr. You’s favorite thing so far at Augusta University is the amount of knowledge gained from working under other professors!

Dr. Theja De Silva (Physics)
Dr. De Silva is introduced by our Department as an Assistant Professor. He just joined the staff this fall, but before coming to Augusta University, Dr. DeSilva was an Assistant Professor at Binghamton University. During his time at Binghamton, Dr. De Silva taught six different classes including General Physics and Statistical Mechanics. Dr. De Silva is now teaching Introductory Physics and Theoretical Mechanics at Augusta University. Dr. De Silva is committed to working with all students in classroom and research settings, and his leadership goals coincide with the Augusta University mission. Dr. De Silva’s favorite things about Augusta University are the academic environment and the warm climate!


Article submitted by Katie Humphrey (Augusta University English major)