Chemistry Research Student Co-Authors Journal Publication

Mary Kate FisherMary Kate Fisher, a recent graduate of ASU and former research student in Dr. Stephens’ lab, is a co-author on a paper that was just published in the journal Parasitology. While enrolled in CHEM4990, Mary Kate synthesized a compound, later named DB1867, which was subsequently shown by collaborators in Brazil to have outstanding activity against Trypanosoma cruzi, a protozoan that causes a potentially deadly disease in Central and South America known as Chagas disease. This research was part of an ongoing effort to develop a new drug for Chagas disease since the currently used drugs have only limit effects, especially against the advance stages of the parasitic infection. Mary Kate, who is now enrolled in the Physician Assistant Program at Georgia Health Sciences University, made the following comments about her involvement in undergraduate research at ASU: 

It was a privilege to work independently with Dr. Stephens on his current research. I know that many other universities would not have provided undergraduate students with similar opportunities. It was interesting to see the basic principles from our lab courses applied to collaborative pharmacological research. Although I felt like I was in way over my head, it was a good challenge for me to struggle to understand the methods and the amount of patience needed to obtain your end product. What a good feeling it is to finally get there! My research experience was definitely an important step for teaching me the basics of research and has helped me tremendously to understand and apply clinical evidence based medicine. I hope other ASU students will take advantage of such an invaluable opportunity.

The abstract and PDF of the journal article can be found here:

Congratulations and best wishes to Mary Kate!