Three Physics Majors Part of Local Company Internship

EZ-GoThree Department of Chemistry and Physics students were accepted into an internship program with the Augusta company EZ-Go recently. The accepted students were physics majors Lindsey Burden, Matt Beach, and recent graduate Nicole Burdette. The students acquired this internship by applying and being recommended by their professors.

EZ-Go is a Textron Company that specializes in engineering light vehicles for use in several facets. The students were a part of a year around internship that lets them and professional engineers work together. During this internship the students got hands on experience in engineering and physics applications.

“The group I worked with taught me more than I could have ever learned in school.” said Nicole Burdette. Intern and current Augusta University student Lindsey Burden said it “felt good to take stuff I learned and get to do it in the real world as opposed to just the classroom.”

The students say internships like this lead to great work opportunities after college.

Matt Beach said, “Working at EZ-Go has given me the opportunity to get a foot in the door to a viable career after graduation.”

Student supervisor at EZ-Go, Trevor Roebuck, had this to say, “We have accomplished so many new and interesting goals by utilizing Augusta University interns, and we look for many more in the future.”



by Jacob Tomberlin, Communications Major