Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Joseph Newton

Joseph NewtonDuring the fall semester of 2017, Dr. Joseph Newton won the Caught In The Act of Great Teaching Award, which is kind of ironic seeing as Dr. Newton was originally scared of even taking physics.

Dr. Newton explained his original hesitation on taking physics. “Physics was something I never thought about. I was actually scared to death of physics. I was a math major, scared to death of it. I didn’t take it until I took my junior year of college.”

Soon after taking the course, he noticed physics started answering all the “why” questions he had about the world.

Dr. Newton, who is an assistant professor physics professor and the director of the nuclear science program, is passionate about sharing his knowledge and has been since he started his first teaching job in the fall of 2012.

Dr. Newton started as a math major at Augusta State University, but his career took a turn for the better when he ended up taking his first physics course with Dr. Hauger, which was an intro physics course. After taking physics, Dr. Newton decided to double major in math and physics and soon after got a master’s and PhD in physics from the University of North Carolina.

Dr. Newton teaches nuclear science here at Augusta University as well as being a liaison and mentor to the students in the nuclear program.

Currently, Dr. Newton is working on a research project on radiochromic plastic, and he mentioned his goals here at AU are, “I want to be the best teacher on the Summerville campus before I’m done. I’m not there yet. I’m nowhere near there, but that’s my goal.”