Faculty Spotlight - Dr. Tom Colbert

Dr. ColbertI have been fortunate for the opportunity to collaborate with the group working on Open Source Physics led by Wofgang Christian.  The project has involved 18 team members who have been awarded the “2020 Excellence in Physics Education Award” by the American Physical Society.  The project has included numerous physics simulations that are widely used and distributed, along with extensive curricular materials for use with the simulations. 

My own efforts have been on curricular design of “Exploration Worksheets” included with the Physlet® Physics, which is now in the third edition.  Open Source Physics resources have been developed over the past twenty years.  Resources can be found on nationally supported educational materials digital library sites such as MERLOT (merlot.org) and Compadre (compadre.org).  Resources such as these and the digital library sites contribute to the availability of Open Educational Resources (OER).

To view the 2020 Excellence in Physics Education Award letter, Click Here.