Dr. Hood and Students Attend Undergraduate Women in Physics Conference

Dr. HoodDr.Carol Hood, along with physics students Maira Acosta and Murray Macnamara, recently attended the 3rd Annual Southeast Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics at the University of Tennessee.

Lasting a total of three days over the MLK Holiday Weekend, they joined over 140 other female physicists to learn about the exciting research being done all over the country by physicists, including a number of undergraduate students, in both academia and industry. Talks included research in the fields of superconductors, biophysics, particle physics, astrophysics, career paths, undergraduate research, physics education and more. 

Attendees also learned about current strides being taken to increase the number of women in physics, including mentors, women in physics groups, and family-friendly policies at all levels of academia, just to name a few. The conference also included a tour of the nearby Oak Ridge National Lab, where one of the first nuclear reactors of the Manhattan Project was developed. 

Maira and Murray were also lucky enough to each win a telescope! 

Next year’s conference will be held at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, and will include a tour of the Kennedy Space Center. Dr. Hood hopes to send even more female physicists to represent Augusta State next year.