Dr. Datta Receives the 2015 College of Science and Mathematics Outstanding Faculty Member Award

Congratulations to Dr. Trinanjan Datta on receiving the 2015 College of Science and Mathematics Outstanding Faculty Member award!  Below is the biographical information on Dr. Datta taken from the awards ceremony bulletin:

Dr. Trinanjan Datta, Associate Professor of Physics, is the 2015 College of Science and Mathematics’ Outstanding Faculty member.  Dr. Datta excels in teaching, service, and scholarship.  His teaching includes a wide variety of introductory and advanced courses.  The different audiences, course content, and desired outcomes in these courses demand dramatically different approaches to achieve student success.  His teaching style is not a one-size-fits-all, and the result has been excellence in the classroom as evidenced by strong evaluations from both his students and from his peers.  Dr. Datta’s innovative approach to teaching computational skills in the physics classroom has helped inspire a new generation of scientists.  Dr. Datta has also served Augusta University exceptionally well.  He has been heavily involved in service through Center of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship as well as the local chapter of Phi Kappa Phi.  His dedicated effort as chair of the 2013 PKP Student Research Conference and Fine Arts Symposium is a testimony to his willingness to serve frequently and visibly.  Dr. Datta’s scholarship is at the highest level.  He has made significance advances in multiple areas of theoretical and computational condensed matter physics and frequently publishes in top-level peer reviewed journals including Physical Review Notes and Physics Review A.  Dr. Datta has established a network of collaborations that extend around the world.  It is noteworthy that Dr. Datta does much of his work with a team of undergraduates.  These students, typically recruited from introductory physics class roles, have given numerous presentations at state, regional, and national conferences.  Two of Dr. Datta’s students won top awards at the recent American Physics Society Meeting.  His work has been supported by competitive extramural funding from the National Science Foundation and the Research Corporation.  Dr. Datta is a past winner of the Louis K. Bell Research Award and has earned the Anacapa Scholar Award.  He is a member of the prestigious Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics.  His ability to engage undergraduates in such a high level of scholarly work is a testament to his skill as a mentor.