Dr. Datta Attends 2010 Anacapa Society Meeting

DattaDr. Datta attended the 2010 Anacapa Society meeting held December 10-11 at the California State Polytechnic University Pomona, California. The Anacapa Society promotes research in theoretical physics at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUI). This CUR promoted event was a two-day meeting involving research presentations by several theoretical physicists from various PUI’s across the country. Topics ranged from string theory, cosmology, condensed matter physics to theoretical biophysics. At the meeting Dr. Datta presented a talk titled “Effects of next-nearest neighbor interaction in the kinetic Ising Model”. This published work [Physics Procedia, 4, 15 - 16] was done in collaboration with physics major William D. Baez. The travel was funded by the newly established ASU Center for Undergraduate Research.