Chemistry & Physics Faculty & Staff


photo of Dr. Angie Spencer 

Interim Department Chair & Associate Professor of Chemistry
photo of Dr. Brian Agee

Senior Lecturer
photo of Dr. Cheryl Eidell

Director of Freshmen Labs
& Senior Lecturer
photo of Dr. Shaobin Miao

Associate Professor
photo of Dr. Shogo Mori

Assistant Professor
photo of Dr. Siva Panda

Associate Professor



photo of Dr. Tom Colbert

Professor, Assistant Chair
photo of Dr. Theja DeSilva

Associate Professor 
photo of Dr. Joe Newton

Assistant Professor 
photo of Dr. John Sutherland

Professor; Dean -  College of Science and Mathematics

Adjunct Faculty

photo of Dr. Jonathan Dawson

Postdoctoral Fellow of Physics
photo of Dr. William Hardy

Instructor of Chemistry
photo of Lawrence Sullivan

Instructor of Chemistry
photo of Dr. Frank Syms

Instructor of Geosciences
photo of  Dr. Brian Viner

Instructor of Meteorology
photo of Dr. Nathan Yanasak

Instructor of Physics and Astronomy


photo of Angela Hill

Administrative Assistant I
photo of Owen Angleton

Laboratory Supply Technician