egan Clendenning, Chemistry, Class of 2010
Mike Brittingham, Chemistry, Class of 2010
Neil Jenkins, Chemistry, Class of 2010

Graduates of our degree programs have a history of successful transitions to graduate schools nationwide, medical and dental schools, and allied health programs at places such as the Medical College of Georgia, Georgia Tech, University of South Carolina, University of Alabama, University of North Carolina, Clemson, University of Florida, University of Arizona, University of Kansas, Purdue University, Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin. They have joined research groups at the Medical College of Georgia, the Savannah River National Laboratory, the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Many are employed by a variety of local industries.

Alumni are encouraged to submit a photo and/or update of their current career or professional activities to the Dept at