Student Will Reeves

"The most rewarding part of my college career is working with the great people in the Physics department. I get to show up, work on some of the most interesting problems of our world, and then get to talk with some of the most intelligent people I've ever known." - William Reeves, Post-BAAC, Physics

Student- Asmat Jahan

"Being a tutor and a teaching assistant is like harvesting gold. It feels amazing to bring students together based on the principles and passion for chemistry." - Asmat Jahan, Junior, Chemistry

Chemistry and Physics are the fundamental backbone of all science and technology.

Why Chemistry or Physics?

A chemistry or physics degree will allow you to develop the analytical and problem-solving skills that are universally sought after by graduate and professional schools as well as by employers. With the demand for scientifically literate college graduates being as strong as ever this indicates that a solid foundation in chemistry and physics is a must to stay on the cutting edge of nearly any science or engineering field.

What We Offer:

  • Engaging laboratory instruction
  • Hands on access to state of the art instrumentation
  • A small-feel department with high access to faculty members
  • An increasing number of academic support programs, such as: free tutoring and supplemental instruction (SI) linked to certain courses
  • An increasing number of opportunities to participate in Undergraduate Research
  • Many sources of financial assistance, including: scholarships, pay for serving as lab assistants, and undergraduate research stipends
  • Many opportunities for social and service activities, including: Student/Faculty Meet and Greets, the Chemistry Club, the Physics Club, dept outreach activities, judging local science fairs, giving dept tours, etc




We offer a BA Chemistry degree that readily allows for a minor or double major, as well as a BS Chemistry degree which allows one of the following concentrations: 

Dual Degree
Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry and an Integrated Master of Arts in Teaching

Minor in Chemistry


Physics degree offers the following optional concentration: 

Nuclear Science

Dual Degree 
Bachelor of Science with a major in Physics and an Integrated Master of Arts in Teaching

Minor in Physics

Contact Us

   Augusta University (Science Hall, W-3005)
   2500 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30904
   706-737-1541        706-667-4519

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Faculty Teaching Innovation

Learn more about the Chemistry and Physics faculty and the innovative ways they teach.

ADP Scholars


 There are a variety of scholarships and apprenticeships available to chemistry and physics majors.

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Faculty Research 

Our Chemistry and Physics faculty are involved in many different areas of research. 

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Augusta students impress at conference

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