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Chemistry and Physics are the fundamental backbone of all science and technology.

Why Chemistry or Physics?

What We Offer:

A chemistry or physics degree will allow you to develop the analytical and problem-solving skills that are universally sought after by graduate and professional schools as well as by employers. With the demand for scientifically literate college graduates being as strong as ever this indicates that a solid foundation in chemistry and physics is a must to stay on the cutting edge of nearly any science or engineering field.

      • Engaging laboratory instruction
      • Hands on access to state of the art instrumentation
      • A small-feel department with high access to faculty members
      • An increasing number of academic support programs, such as: free tutoring and supplemental instruction (SI) linked to certain courses
      • An increasing number of opportunities to participate in Undergraduate Research
      • Many sources of financial assistance, including: scholarships, pay for serving as lab assistants, and undergraduate research stipends
      • Many opportunities for social and service activities, including: Student/Faculty Meet and Greets, the Chemistry Club, the Physics Club, dept outreach activities, judging local science fairs, giving dept tours, etc. 


Graduate Progam

MS in Biomolecular Science with a Concentration in Medicinal Chemistry 

Contact Us

Department of Chemistry & Physics
1201 Goss Lane Augusta, GA 30912
Mailing: 1120 15th Street, GE-1006  
Augusta, GA 30912
  706-737-1541       706-667-4519

Student Spotlight

Undergraduate Programs


American Chemical Society Certification


BS in Chemistry with ACS certified degree
- BA in Chemistry

Other concentrations offered for BS in Chemistry:
- Biochemistry
- Forensic Science
- Medicinal Chemistry
- Nuclear Science
- Teacher Education

Dual Degree
- BS in Chemistry & Integrated Master of Arts in Teaching
- BS in Chemistry & PharmD (with University of Georgia) 

- Minor in Chemistry
- Minor in interdisciplinary Neuroscience


- BS in Physics 


Other concentration offered for BS in Physics:
- Nuclear Science



Dual Degree 
- BS in Physics & Integrated Master of Arts in Teaching

- Minor in Physics

News & Events

four women and one man gather around a table looking at drawings of human anatomy

Augusta University medical illustration students bridge the gap between art and science through Phinizy Swamp collaboration

First-year students in the Master of Science in Medical Illustration program received hands-on training through a unique partnership with Phinizy Swamp Nature Center and Center for Water Sciences.

group of college students sitting at a picnic table outside

Jags4Jags: Augusta University creates one-stop shop to find or become a mentor

To help Augusta University students be more successful from the start, the university is launching a new initiative this fall in the Jags4Jags Mentoring Program.

students at computer

Augusta University students get rare close-up look at Fort Gordon cybersecurity jobs

“For our students to be part of VICEROY is a fantastic opportunity. It allows us to take them on events like the tour we just did to Fort Gordon, as well as provide them with incentives for completing coursework in cybersecurity, strategic foreign languages, data science and math foundations of cryptography,” said Michael Nowatkowski, PhD, head of the Cyber Programs of Study at SCCS.

man with glasses in jacket standing in front of dry erase board

Augusta University physicist joins international team to study how cells move

“Cells are very complicated systems that we are still working to understand, so we had to find a way to simplify it," said Abdul N. Malmi-Kakkada, PhD.

closeup of books and an electronic tablet on a table inside a classroom

Faculty Teaching Innovation

Learn more about the Chemistry and Physics faculty and the innovative ways they teach.

ADP Scholars


There are a variety of scholarships and apprenticeships available to chemistry and physics majors.

Popups Header

nsf logoS-STEM 

 Up to $8,000 per year are available to talented Chemistry, Physics, Biological Sciences, or Mathemetics students.

closeup of a microscope and slide

Faculty Research 

Our Chemistry and Physics faculty are involved in many different areas of research.