The program provides education and training for careers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biomedical, and chemical industries, or for entry into doctoral research or professional degree programs.

With a requirement to complete a mentored research project, the program prepares students to investigate a wide range of biomedical-related topics including study of the mechanism of disease and development of new drugs.

hrough the combined and innovative curriculum, students will gain interdisciplinary knowledge of the biological systems and responses to bioactive compounds at a physiological, cellular, and molecular level. Fundamental skills, including data analysis, problem solving, critical evaluation of scientific literature, oral and written communication, and experimental methods, will be reinforced.

photo of Amy Abdulovic-Cui, PhD

Amy Abdulovic-Cui, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

(706) 729-2126

Assistant Department Chair
photo of Angela Spencer, PhD

Angela Spencer, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry

(706) 667-4512

Assistant Department Chair



Cell and Molecular Biology

An interdisciplinary field that studies the structure, function, intracellular pathways, and formation of cells. Studies involve understanding life and cellular processes specifically at the molecular level.

Medical Chemistry

Creation and refinement of molecules for the purpose of creating or improving drugs. It is grounded in synthetic organic chemistry, a discipline in which scientists combine small molecules to create new ones.

Chemistry Student in Lab

Why Our Prgram

Unique Biomolecular Program

This dedicated mater’s program within the College of Science and Mathematics is a unique biomedical program at AU as it focuses strictly on master’s students.

Professors will be able to provide personal attention as class sizes will be small and focuses on master’s students only.

As a thesis-based degree, students will conduct significant, publishable, research as part of the program using state of the art biomolecular and chemical techniques.

While students can concentrate in either cell and molecular biology or medicinal chemistry, the heart of the program in interdisciplinary with courses that require and teach and interrelated concepts in organic chemistry and molecular biology.

An Education Like No Other

The College of Science and Mathematics provides students with strong foundations in the sciences as well as preparation for careers, citizenship, and a life-long love of learning. We are committed to providing experiences promoting scientific inquiry and discovery and dedicated to creating opportunities for intellectual growth and community involvement.