Violations of the Parking Rules and Regulations shall be subject to the following charges:

Violation Fine
Failure to Display Permit/Credential  $10.00
License Plate/Tag not visible to the driving lane  $10.00
Expired Meter or Time Restriction  $25.00
Parking in Visitor/Patient Space  $50.00
Parking in Service Vehicle or Official Business Permit Space  $25.00
Unregistered Vehicle  $50.00
Parking Out of Zone  $50.00
No Parking Zone (Yellow Curb, Red Curb Fire Lane, Sidewalk, Loading Zone, etc.)  $50.00
Improperly Parked Vehicle (taking two spaces, parking over the line)   $50.00
Boot Removal Fee  $75.00
Parking in Ambulance Area  $100.00
Unauthorized Parking in Reserved Space (Subject to Towing)  $150.00
Displaying Altered, Stolen, or Counterfeit Permit  $250.00
Parking in ADA Space w/o proper credential  $500.00
Illegal Exit for Pay Lot  $50.00
Unauthorized Movement of Traffic Control Device (e.g. Traffic Cone)  $50.00