Parking Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a permit to park on campus?

Yes. All vehicles except patients and guests of patients need a permit to park on Augusta University property.

I am having problems logging in to register my vehicle. What should I do?

You should be logging in to the 

Parking Management Portal

 using your JagID and password (what you use to log in to email). If you are unable to log in, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 706-721-4000.

I currently park on campus, but when I try to register, my information is not in the system.

The database is new. Please take a few moments to enter your vehicle information and select the type of parking applicable to you.

There are spaces in my lot that do not have reserved signs, does that mean those spaces are available for reserved parking?

No. We try to maintain a balance between reserved and non-reserved spaces in each lot. 

I currently have non-reserved parking but would like to upgrade to reserved parking. What should I do?

There are currently no new reserved spaces available.

I currently have reserved parking and want to downgrade to non-reserved parking.  What should I do?

Please contact the Parking Office. 

My current hangtag has expired. What should I do?

Register your vehicle at the 

Parking Management Portal 

I qualify for the discounted rate for employee parking. Do I need to do anything?

Register for non-reserved parking and contact the Parking Office to request the reduced rate.      

Where does the money I spend on parking go?

Please visit our

Where do my Parking and Transportation Dollars Go

 page to view a detailed chart of how funds are used.

I am an evening student, do I still need a permit?

Yes. All students, faculty, and staff require a current permit to park on campus. 

Why are there cones in the parking spaces?

Cones or other traffic control devices may be placed in a space when the space is dangerous for some reason, construction is planned, or a special event is taking place. Please do not move the cones without authorization. There is a $50.00 fine for moving cones without authorization.

I'm an employee, but I have an appointment with one of our doctors or I am visiting a patient. Am I allowed to park in patient parking during my appointment/visit?

Yes. Please make sure your parking permit is visible and place a note on your dash that says, " Dr. Appointment, Date:______ Time:______." Be sure the note can be easily seen and read.