Parking Registration

Follow These steps to pay for permits:

Registration is easy. Before you get started, please make sure you have your vehicle information on hand (year, make/model, body type, color, license plate/tag number and state) and then do the following:

  1. Visit the Parking Management Portal.
  2. Log in using your JagID.
  3. Select Order Permits.
  4. Select the appropriate permit. 
  5. Verify your information is correct. 
  6. Complete your purchase/transaction.


  • Student rates can be found on the Parking Permit Rate Sheet.
  • You must remit payment for your parking at the time of registration in the Parking Management Portal.  
  • Students who are eligible to purchase a parking permit for a reserved lot should visit the Parking Office.


  • Employee parking rates can be found on the Parking Permit Rate Sheet.
  • University employees should select AU - Non-RESERVED as the classification in the Parking Portal.
  • Medical Center employees should select AUMC Employees and Providers . 
  • Please visit the Parking Office on the Health Sciences Campus in Annex I, first floor, to pick up your physical permit if you are an AUMC employee.
  • You should check your information in the Parking Portal at least once a year to make sure it is correct, and always be sure to update your vehicle's plate number and/or vehicle description if either changes. 

EMPLOYEE and STUDENT? Full-time staff who are also enrolled at Augusta University need only to register for an employee parking permit in the Parking Management Portal.  

What if i am the PATIENT OR the guest of a PATIENT today?

A student or employee with a doctor's appointment, or who is visiting a patient, is allowed to park in patient parking during the scheduled appointment or visit only by displaying a courtesy parking pass.
Please print and complete an official Courtesy Appointment Parking Pass.
Place the printed pass on the dash.
Be sure the note can be easily seen and read from outside the vehicle in order to avoid a citation.