Parking Registration

Parking Registration instructions:

employees & students

Registration is easy. Before you get started, please make sure you have your vehicle information on hand (year, make/model, body type, color, license plate/tag number and state) and then do the following:

  1. Visit the Parking Management Portal website.
  2. Select Order Permits.
  3. Log in using JagID.
  4. Select Order Permits (again) 
  5. Select the appropriate permit. 
  6. Verify your information is correct. 
  7. Complete your transaction.


  • Student rates are $50.00 per academic session for the Summerville, Forest Hills, and Health Sciences campuses.
  • You should process payment for your parking at the time of registration.  
  • Health Sciences Campus students should visit the parking office on the Health Sciences Campus (Annex II, HT-1147) to pick up permit.
  • Summerville Campus students should visit the Parking Office in the Public Safety building on the Summerville Campus to pick up permit.


  • If you work on the Summerville Campus, you should select Summerville Fac/Staff. Summerville Campus faculty & staff rates are $20.00 per month.
  • If you work on the Health Sciences Campus, you should select Non-Reserved Employee Health Sciences. If you currently have reserved parking and choose to keep it, please select employee reserved parking.  Health Sciences Campus rates are $25.00 per month for non-reserved and $88.00 per month for reserved. Please note: No new reserved spaces are available at this time. 
  • NOTE: The reduced parking rate for employees earning an annual salary that is less than $25,500.00 or part time faculty earning less than $3,600.00 per academic session has been set at $5.00 per month. Please select non-reserved parking and contact the Parking Office to request the reduced rate. 
  • If you work in the Medical Center and currently park in one of the Medical Center parking lots or decks, please select Medical Center AUMC Parking. If you work in the Medical Center and park in one of the campus lots,you should select Non-Reserved Employee Health Sciences. 
  • Please visit the appropriate campus parking office to pick up your permanent permit. 

Are you an employee and a part time student? Full time employees and part time students MUST select employee parking for the campus on which they work.