Residency Benefits

  • Paid subscription to Statdx, Radprimer, Brant and Helms online version
  • AIRP funds provided: Tuition + $2,000 stipend + regular paycheck
  • Department funds are allocated for class representatives to attend conferences:
    •  R1 and R3 class representatives attend AUR
    •  R2 class representative attend ACR
    •  R4 Chief Resident attend RSNA
  • Complete funding for approved national meetings if a scholarly activity is presented
  • $300/year food stipend
  • Resident lounge with drinks, snacks and food
  • Health Insurance – resident and dependents receive plans at a favorable rate and are fully reimbursed for co-pays (within the Augusta University-MCG network) and prescriptions
  • Two white coats
  • Professional Liability: Coverage is provided by the Augusta University for activities within the scope of the Training Program. Coverage is contingent upon the terms of those policies, and upon the House Officer's cooperation and assistance in reporting, investigating, and defending any claim or potential claim. Call Legal Office at 706 721-4018 for additional information. 
  • For a full description of all resident benefits including salary information see:

 ■  Augusta University General Residency Information