Welcome to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency website! Here at Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, we put a premium on all of the usual areas a women's health center should, but below we want to share with you some of the things we value in our residents and residency.


We pride ourselves and department in selecting residents from all walks of life. Our patients are diverse, and we believe it is important to train residents that reflect the population. Besides selecting residents from Georgia, who we hope will practice in Georgia, we take residents from all over the globe, who we hope will take the knowledge they gain here to help their respective communities. In a world that is getting smaller by the day and with an economy becoming daily more global, we hope our residents will take what they learn here near and far to make a lasting difference in local and world health.


Let's face it, residency is hard work. That being said, we don't think residency should just entail lots of busy work. We strive to ensure that residents are provided an efficient work environment and that their time spent at the hospital is used wisely. Ancillary staff is employed in every area possible to make efficiency a reality for our residents. An electronic medical record not only benefits the patient, but we think helps the resident too. Virtually everything can be done for any patient from anywhere on campus and even from a personal computer. Consistent with good educational theory, we think that the learner should not be overwhelmed with the periphery, but should have time to focus on actual learning.


In many ways it goes without saying that we value education. Yet we would be greatly amiss should we not mention education as a primary value of our program. As medical technology quickly advances, we recognize the constant need to look for new and innovative ways to train residents. For example, we built our own departmental minimally invasive surgery simulation center. And with residency training rules rapidly changing, we strive to remain at the leading edge of resident education. We are committed to strictly adhering to CREOG and ACGME requirements and recommendations for resident training, and we aim to train excellent residents within their guidelines.


While working throughout the day and when the work is done at the end of the day, we mean for our students, residents and faculty to work together well. Our residents routinely switch calls or vacation weeks to accommodate one another. They frequently spend time together socially when they are finished for the day at the hospital. We are very proud of the kind of residents we attract and select, and believe that this largely contributes to how well everyone works together and enjoys spending time together.

Should you pursue residency at Augusta University, we are confident you will be proud to have joined our program. We look for residents and faculty who possess the same values we embrace. We invite you to visit our program to find out if this is the right place for you!