A resident research project is required of residents. This project requires a proposal to be presented as a PGY-2 and the completed research project will be presented at Research Day at year end.

Multiple venues of research are available for resident participation. Partaking in research activity is an opportunity to expand knowledge of both basic and clinical science, research design, data analysis, and scientific writing. Involvement in research is highly encouraged for all residents. All faculty are receptive to resident participation. 

If a research project is presented at a state or national level meeting, the department will pay for travel expenses as well as the meeting fee. Notable is the Georgia Obstetrics and Gynecology Society (GOGS) which has an annual meeting in mid-August. The majority of presentations at this meeting are by state residents. Other meetings commonly presenting resident research are the annual APGO (early March) and ACOG (May) meetings.

Time spent in active research (time spent in the actual laboratory or in the hospital) is included in the 80 hour work week guidelines. In general, time spent reading, preparing documents, or preparing presentations is considered educational and not counted toward the hourly guidelines. Pursuing additional research on your own time is supported and those hours are not included in the 80 hour work week guidelines. 

Faculty sponsors will assist you with your project ideas, Human Assurance Committee (HAC) approval, writing and presentation skills, and with any other aspects of your research project.

Timeline for Required Research Project:


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