Augusta University Email Compliance Policy Changes

Today's cybersecurity risks are extraordinary regarding the management of e-mail accounts with increased incidents of phishing, ransomware, malware, hacking, and the theft of information relating to students, patients, faculty, and staff. We also have significant legal, regulatory, and financial responsibilities requiring us to manage our e-mail systems more effectively or face severe consequences.

In order to remain compliant with the University of Georgia and Augusta University's Email Security Standards current retirees will lose e-mail access on June 30, 2022. Current retirees will be receiving communication from HR to instruct them on how to enter an alternative e-mail address and continue to access benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Retirees

How does this affect a current retiree?
Current retirees will lose e-mail access on 6/30/22 to meet USG Email Security Standards. Current retirees will be receiving communication from HR to instruct them on how to enter an alternative e-mail address and continue to access benefits.

When will retirees lose email access?
All retirees will lose email access on 6/30/22 with the exception of rehired retirees and emeritus faculty.

Will rehired retirees be able to keep email?
If the rehired retiree returns to active status within 30 days and is considered an active employee or student of the university, they will be able to keep their mailbox as is. But, when the individual decides to stop working they are considered inactive their access will be removed.

I am a rehired retiree but don’t teach every semester, will I lose my email access during the times that I am not teaching?
You will only lose access to email when you become inactive with HR for 30 days or more, typically you will remain active if you decide not to teach a semester and intend to return. You will only lose access when you decide to terminate your employment with the university. If you are unsure of your status, please contact your HR representative.

Will the university be able to auto-forward emails from my email address to my personal address?
No, it is against AU Policy to set up auto-forwarding on email accounts.

I am a rehired retiree with the health system, will I lose access?
No, you will be considered active in our HR system and will not lose access to your email if you are rehired within 30 days.

What if I have used my to set up my Apple ID?
Follow these instructions from Apple. 

How will this change affect Emeriti faculty?
Emeriti faculty will continue to maintain their Augusta University e-mail account; however, the previous content of that mailbox will be inaccessible after their official employment ends. IT will maintain an archive of the e-mail contents and provide emeriti faculty assistance for accessing the previous e-mail that does not contain sensitive or confidential information. This change will not impact the current emeriti faculty at this time.

How long do I have before my e-mails are permanently deleted?
All historical e-mail data from your e-mail account will be permanently deleted and can no longer be retrieved 30 days after termination.

How do I request access to my content if I need an exception?
Please contact the Help Desk to inquire if your individual situation warrants an exception. 

University – 706-721-4000
Health System - 706-721-7500

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