Center for Bioethics and Health Policy


Provides comprehensive clinical consultations with substantial spiritual and legal contributions to both adult and pediatric patients. It also deals with issues related to corporate ethics decision making.

Rapid technological changes and an ambivalent healthcare system requires visionary leadership. Collaboration in development of health policy is required across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Throughout the year, lectures, seminars, and interactive sessions are presented by experts in their fields of endeavor. 

The Pastoral Care Services of Augusta University Medical Center is a major contributor in the consultative service, the educational programs, and research of the Center.

Programs are directed to undergraduate students, students in the health science colleges, residents, continuing education, and to the community.

Bioethics and Health Policy research addresses both current and emerging health and healthcare concerns. 

Contact Us

  Health Sciences Campus (Pavillion III, CJ2325)
  1120 15th Street, Augusta, GA 30912