This medical student initiative became operational in the 2014 Academic Year.

Sixteen students per year are selected to participate in this intensive four-year ethics program that includes mentoring and shadowing activities.

Mentoring Program

Monthly small group mentoring sessions with the Leadership Through Ethics students and other electives students are conducted with Ethics Committee faculty member.

Shadowing Program

Both the Office of Pastoral Care and the MCG Clinical Instructor Nurses provide students with the opportunity to shadow them on their daily rounds and to observe the importance of their contribution to the promotion of ethical behaviors and their potential to preempt the need for a formal ethics consult.

Alan Roberts


Founding Members:

Brice Hwang, Brian Sullivan, Connor Sweetnam, Travis Welsh, Lacey Williams, Blake Vander Wood

photo of Justin Abes

Justin Abes

  • President
photo of Mary Williford

Mary Williford

  • Vice President

Class of 2026

photo of Charles Weeks

Charles Weeks

photo of Alisha Patel

Alisha Patel

photo of David Brower

David Brower

photo of Vishaal Motla

Vishaal Motla

Class of 2025

photo of Tommy Bui

Tommy Bui

  • Interest within Bioethics: Palliative care and the role of religion/spirituality in medical care.
photo of Matthew Hopkins

Matthew Hopkins

  • Interest within Bioethics: Medical decision-making capacity, patient autonomy, end of life care.
photo of Hisham Kashif

Hisham Kashif

  • Interest within Bioethics: End of Life Care.
photo of Ahmad Rathor

Ahmad Rathor

  • Interest within Bioethics: Patient autonomy, genetic testing, healthcare disparities.
photo of Stephanie Jiang

Stephanie Jiang

  • Interest within Bioethics: Health literacy, palliative care, social determinants of health.
photo of Nick Orris

Nick Orris

  • Interest within Bioethics: Resource allocation, access to care, healthcare disparities, patient autonomy.
photo of Grant Whitebloom

Grant Whitebloom

  • Interest within Bioethics: End of life care, Physician-Patient Relationship, Resource Allocation.
photo of Luke Scanlan

Luke Scanlan

  • Interest within Bioethics: End of life care, euthanasia, autonomy.
photo of Rashi Agrawal

Rashi Agrawal

  • Interest within Bioethics: End of life care, confidentiality issues.

Class of 2024

photo of Ahana Gaurav

Ahana Gaurav

  • Interest within Bioethics: Access to care, patient autonomy, abortion, genetic testing, physician assisted suicide.
photo of Brian Basden

Brian Basden

  • Interest within Bioethics: Optimal use of palliative care.
photo of Camelia Malkami

Camelia Malkami

  • Interest within Bioethics: Reproductive justice, health disparities and social determinants of health.
photo of Cortney Sugihara

Cortney Sugihara

  • Interest within Bioethics: Capacity for medical decision-making, Distributive justice.
photo of Daley Morera

Daley Morera

  • Interest within Bioethics: Resource allocation, Palliative care, Gene-therapy.
photo of Disha Patel

Disha Patel

  • Interest within Bioethics: Genetic testing and engineering, discrimination in healthcare, access to care and treatment.
photo of Jake Weiser

Jake Weiser

  • Interest within Bioethics: Recognizing Person Biases.
photo of Leslie Adams

Leslie Adams

  • Interest within Bioethics: End of life care, public health ethics (especially surrounding COVID-19).
photo of Lilley Cushman

Lilley Cushman

  • Interest within Bioethics: Animal rights ethics and patient autonomy.
photo of Merry Chen

Merry Chen

  • Interest within Bioethics: Reproductive, Rural Healthcare, End of Life ethics.
photo of Naema Daino

Naema Daino

  • Interest within Bioethics: Equity of resources, beginning and end of life care, weathering hypothesis, and biomedical enhancing tools.
photo of Natasha Ramaswamy

Natasha Ramaswamy

  • Interest within Bioethics: Pediatric Ethics, Newborn Screening, Maternal/Women’s Health.
photo of Preethi Redi

Preethi Redi

  • Interest within Bioethics: Healthcare systems.
photo of Sydney Erickson

Sydney Erickson

  • Interest within Bioethics: Health Disparities, Pediatrics, End of Life Care, and much more.
photo of Viktoriya Sapkalova

Viktoriya Sapkalova

  • Interest within Bioethics: End of life care, physician assisted suicide.
photo of Vunya Srinivasa

Vunya Srinivasa

  • Interest within Bioethics: Use of Reproductive and Genetic Technology, Euthanasia, End of life decision-making.

Class of 2023

M3: Idris Ali Amghaiab, Lorry Aitkens, Rohan Bagga, Ha Eun Cho, Amanda Delgado, Elena Diller, Dae Gun Chung Kim, Oladoyin Oladosu, Elizabeth Pryor, Peyton Raley, Dhairya Shukla, Mary Thomson, Lakshmi Thulluri, Margaret Tyre, Ugochi Uzoigwe, Sarah Vick.

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