• CV imports are coming mid-May!  Faculty/Staff written guideVideo guide
  • As of 1/1/2020 - Digital Measures will no longer support MS Explorer 11.
  • As of 12/10/19 - Digital Measures has made some screen updates.  The majority of these changes are cosmetic; however, they have added a drag-and-drop feature for files, rich text formatting for text boxes (which will carry through to reports as well) and text wrap for drop down options.  These updates get us one step closer to the new CV import capability that the vendor is planning to launch next year! 

PACT logoProfessional Activity Capture Tool

Click here to login to PACT 

PACT overview

How does PACT work for me?

Audit form (for correcting data on the following screens):

  • Permanent Data
  • Yearly Data
  • Administrative Assignments
  • Education
  • Licensures & Certifications (when required as part of your teaching credentials)
  • Assigned Workload Information
  • Teaching Schedule

Proxy Request form - request a proxy for a faculty member, section, department, or college (approval signatures required).

PACT training manual

The library has two blog posts on how to export citations from GIL-Find and EndNote in order to upload them into PACT! or into a citation manager.

One-page Training handout (what's imported vs.  what's manually entered)

Quick Reference Guide

ORCID Integration Guide

NOTE:  only the faculty members can set up the ORCID integration.  Proxies cannot because ORCID will be looking for the faculty member's credentials (login and password) not the Proxy's credentials.

How to Import your CV

Creating a customized CV

PACT allows you to create a customized CV report and save it.  It will automatically update when you add information in the PACT system.  So, for example, if you would like to have a 3-year vita that includes specific categories in a specific order, you can save the format and then run it whenever you like. 

Instructions for Entering Committees into PACT

Flipping committees forward to the next year

Faculty Evaluation Instructions


Click here to view a short video on the system's benefits from Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Caughman.