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PACT overview

How does PACT work for me?

Audit form (for correcting data on the following screens):

  • Permanent Data
  • Yearly Data
  • Administrative Assignments
  • Education
  • Licensures & Certifications (when required as part of your teaching credentials)
  • Assigned Workload Information
  • Teaching Schedule

Proxy Request form - request a proxy for a faculty member, section, department, or college (approval signatures required).

PACT training manual

The library has two blog posts on how to export citations from GIL-Find and EndNote in order to upload them into PACT! or into a citation manager.

One-page Training handout (what's imported vs.  what's manually entered)

Quick Reference Guide

ORCID Integration Guide

Creating a customized CV

PACT allows you to create a customized CV report and save it.  It will automatically update when you add information in the PACT system.  So, for example, if you would like to have a 3-year vita that includes specific categories in a specific order, you can save the format and then run it whenever you like. 

Instructions for Entering Committees into PACT

Faculty Evaluation Instructions


Click here to view a short video on the system's benefits from Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Caughman.