How Will it Work for Me?

Because we know our faculty are extremely busy, we have invested in a system that eliminates the countless requests for information regarding your teaching, research and other service activities. By simply entering information into the system once, PACT will store valuable data such as your CV, NIH and NSF biosketches, and documents for promotion and tenure, which will in turn produce ready-made reports for these and many more purposes, thus maximizing its impact. Other practical uses for the system include having: 

  1. A searchable community engagement website
  2. A searchable portal related to research and creative activity
  3. The ability to feed the information to faculty web page bios directly from PACT
  4. Specialized accreditation reports (AACSB, CAEP, etc.)
  5. Annual unit and program review reports 

Our administrators can also have an efficient, centralized, and easy-to-navigate source for generating reports for accreditation, institutional research surveys, personnel review procedures and more. With PACT, administrators are more aware of their users’ activities and better positioned to publicize their accomplishments because of this awareness.

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You can Login to PACT here.