Unit Planning and Assessment

Institutional Effectiveness provides the following services for annual unit planning, assessment, and resource alignment:

  • Assists assessment units with planning efforts to ensure that each unit has well-articulated outcomes in the form of goals, tactics, and measures.
  • Helps units use assessment results from planning efforts to improve performance and refine goals, tactics, and measures.
  • Helps units link their planning to resource alignment.
  • Supports units with appropriately linking defined outcomes to the strategic priorities and organizational goals.
  • Supports units with linking to regulatory requirements such as SACSCOC and programmatic accreditation.
  • Maintains official lists of all administrative, academic support, and educational units.
  • Provides training and consulting on planning, assessment, resource alignment, as well as on using Compliance Assist, the Augusta University system of record for planning and accreditation.

 Integrated Planning, Assessment, and Resource alignment Cycle

The Augusta University annual planning, assessment, and resource alignment process follows four basic steps:  1) units assess their mid-year and annual results, determine actions to use these results for continuous improvement; 2) units begin planning for the next fiscal years by their identifying priorities; 3) units collaborate and align their resources through a workshop and resource alignment hearings; and 4) units continue to collaborate to finalize their plans.

Following are the four phases of the integrated annual planning, assessment, and resource alignment process:

Planning Timeline