Specialized Accreditations

In addition to the University's accreditation through SACSCOC, many of the academic programs hold specialized or programmatic accreditation. Specialized accrediting agencies accredit only a program, department, or college and ensure the academic programs meet or exceed standards as determined by the profession or field of study. For some careers, especially those in the health sciences, earning a degree in a specially accredited program is mandatory for licensure, employment, and/or continuing education; for other fields, accreditation is a mark of higher quality education. A list of the accredited programs at Augusta University can be found here.

The accreditation staff collaborates with specially accredited academic programs to ensure compliance with respective accreditation requirements. Specifically, the office provides the following services:

  • Identifies linkages of specialized accreditation standards with SACSCOC accreditation and program review expectations, providing the opportunity to leverage information across regulatory bodies.
  • Provides support to programs based on their accreditation needs from the institution, including serving on committees, investigating compliance with standards at the institutional or University System of Georgia level, developing content for reports, and advising on coordination of visiting committee meetings and events.
  • Tracks specialized accreditations to document and monitor key historic dates, upcoming dates, contacts, and other pertinent information.

Please email ie@augusta.edu if you have questions or need assistance related to programmatic accreditation.