The accreditation staff ensures integration of accreditation and program review standards into the University's overall continuous improvement process. The Director of Accreditation collaborates with programs and units to identify, develop, and document appropriate data and information that provides evidence of compliance with accreditation and program review standards.  Specifically, this office is responsible for the following:

SACSCOC Accreditation

  • Designs and implements processes for ensuring continuous compliance with the SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation, such as those pertaining to faculty competence and physical, financial, and learning resources.
  • Coordinates with the SACSCOC Liaison (Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness) in notifying and/or requesting approval for substantive changes to the SACSCOC.

Specialized/Programmatic Accreditation

  • Collaborates with and supports programs and units holding external accreditations, including the clarification of linkages with SACSCOC accreditation and program review standards.