Regular Part-Time Non-Benefits Eligible Hire Process

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Regular Part-Time Non-Benefits Eligible

This is defined as 19.6 or less hours per week (.49 FTE or less), which applies to regular faculty and staff employees. 

For more information see Employee Categories.


  1. Contact Compensation and Performance Management at 706-721-5707, to help determine/create the position your department needs before submitting paperwork to Talent Acquisition Management and/or Benefits and Data Management.
  2.  If position needs to be posted the department will need to speak with their HR Talent Consultant (if applicable).
  3. Departments select their candidate.
  4. Department will complete reference(s) for selected candidate.
  5. Department will contact Lyne Gordon in Talent Acquisition to start the hire process.
  6. Lyne will reach out to the candidate to schedule/obtain the following items:
      • Education Verification
      • Criminal History
      • Resume
      • Drug/Screen and/or Physical (if applicable) - to be scheduled by the department.
      • License Certification (if applicable)
      • Hospital Credentialing (if applicable)
  7. Once the candidate has been cleared to be hired, Lyne will schedule candidate for in-processing with Benefits & Data Management.
  8. Once in-processing is complete – the Benefits & Data Management HR Assistant will notify supervisor to submit ePAR (if applicable) and confirm start date.  The employee cannot work until this portion is complete.


Lyne Gordon                                                   
 HR Assistant II                                                  HR Assistant II
Talent Acquisition                                             Benefits & Data Management
Phone: 706-721-8067                                       Phone: 706-721-3770

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