Student Employment

A Student Assistant is a part-time employee who is currently enrolled in at least a half-time at AU with the primary goal of achieving a degree. A Student Assistant is considered a temporary employee and is not eligible for benefits. Student Assistants process in with HR prior to beginning work.

Additional Restrictions for Student Workers

Maximum Work Hours – Student Assistants are limited to 25 hours of work per week (may not exceed a total of 1,300 hours in a 12-consecutive month period) unless one of the following exceptions applies:

  • If the student is on an F-1 or J-1 VISA – the student is limited to work a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • If the student is in a Federal Work Study position – the student is limited to the amount awarded by Financial Aid.  For more information – contact Monet Robinson at 706-737-1524 or

Multiple Positions – Student Assistants may be employed in more than one student position in multiple departments on campus provided that they comply with the following:

    • comply work hour restriction stated above;
    • student must be paid hourly in both positions;
    • student must clock in and out via Web Clock for both positions;
    • both departments must agree (in writing/email) that the student is working in both positions and new department will need to submit Smart HR Hire ePAR to hire student in additional position;
 Student Hire Process 

Beginning March 15, 2021, departments who have a HR Business Partner will begin contacting their designated HR Business Partner and HR Business Specialist to begin the process for all student hires.  Those departments without an HR Business Partner will contact the HR Coordinator per the updated department list.

  1. Submit PCF (add/change position ePAR transaction in OneUSG Connect) to have position created/updated and submit to HR Business Partner or Compensation & Performance Management (if needed). 
      • For FWS - department submits FWS request form to Monet Robinson.
  2. Departments post (if required), interview and select Student.
      •  To post student employment opportunities, use Augusta University Handshake via  For questions regarding your online posting, contact Augusta University Career Services at 706-737-1604.
  3. Department will have selected student complete the Background form and email background to your department's HR contact per the updated list. →The student will receive an email from Accurate to complete the background process.
      • Provide HR contact (per the updated list) with the following the projected hire date and whether or not the student will be working in a lab.
  4. Once the background is cleared the HR contact (per the update list) will request the USG student packet in Equifax and contact student to set up in-processing appointment. 
      • The student will receive two emails (login information & password) from Equifax to complete the new hire packet in Equifax.
  5. Once in-processing is complete – the HR Coordinator will notify supervisor to submit Smart HR Hire ePAR and confirm start date.  The student employee cannot work until this portion is complete.   The ePAR must be submitted within 24 hours.
    **Please note that students cannot work until notified by HR that the student has completed their processing.
  6. Once the student completes their packet and the ePAR has been submitted, the HR Coordinator will hire the student in OneUSG Connect.  The HR Coordinator will then send welcome email to the student and email to JagCard.

Student Hire Process Workshop Presentation