The Augusta University Honors Program provides all motivated and high-potential learners the opportunity to enhance their undergraduate education.

The Honors Program at Augusta University is much more than taking challenging classes—it is an entire program of study that will enhance your education by bringing you together with both the university’s brightest, most ambitious students and outstanding professors who are dedicated to creative and intensive instruction of undergraduates.


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Honors Core Courses

Students must enroll in and complete at least sixteen hours of Honors core courses before graduation. These courses are taken in place of—not addition to—regular core courses. The Honors Program typically rotates the following course offerings:

Course  Title Semester(s) Offered Hours
BIOL 1107H Principles of Biology I Every Spring and Fall 4
BIOL 1108H  Principles of Biology II Every Spring and Fall 4
COMS 1100H  Honors Fundamentals of Human Communications Every Spring and Fall 3
ENGL 1101H Honors Freshman Composition I  Every Spring and Fall 3
ENGL 1102H  Honors Freshman Composition II  Every Spring and Fall 3
HIST 2112H United States since 1877 Every Spring and Fall 3
INQR 1000H  Fundamentals of Academic Inquiry Every Spring and Fall 1
MATH 2011H   Calculus and Analytic Geometry I Every Spring and Fall 4
MATH 2210H Elementary Statistics Every Spring and Fall 3
PHIL 2010H Introduction to Philosophy Every Spring and Fall 3
POLS 1101H  Introduction to American Government Every Spring and Fall 3
PSYC 1101H Introduction to Psychology Every Spring and Fall 3
SOCI 1101H Introduction to Sociology Every Spring and Fall  3

Honor Seminar Courses


Honors Thesis 

The Honors thesis is a work of original research or scholarly or creative activity in which Honors students work closely with faculty members to investigate topics in greater detail than is possible in regular classes.


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The Honors thesis is usually completed in two consecutive semesters and is followed by a capstone course during which students will present their research, assess The Honors Program and their participation in it, and devise and execute a plan to improve The Honors Program.

    • HONR 2999H - Project Proposal - 1 hour
    • HONR 3999H - Honors Prospectus - 1 hour
    • HONR 4000H - Honors Thesis - 2 or 3 hours
    • HONR 4500H - Honors Capstone - 1 hour


Open A World Of Opportunity

Honors Program seeks students who want to think in complex ways about global challenges. If you have a deep curiosity about the world, we welcome your application. 

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