Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Physiology

Doctor of Philosophy With a Major In

  • High impact translational research in cardiovascular and metabolic physiology and pathophysiology
  • Internationally recognized faculty in cardiovascular and neuronal physiology
  • Skilled and supportive mentors
  • 10 American Heart Association and 2 NIH Predoctoral Fellowships in the last 5 years alone. The most trainee-funded program at Augusta University.
  • Collaborative research environment
  • Successful graduates


Our mission is to provide graduate level research scientists with the necessary didactic training, problem solving, communication, and professional skills necessary to become future leaders in research and education. 

These skills are developed through state of the art laboratory research in a broad spectrum of experimental systems from molecules to whole body physiology and pathophysiology.

We focus on cardiovascular, neural, and endocrine systems and specifically address top killer and debilitating diseases that threaten our society such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and stroke.

Our goals are to train independent, creative, and productive scholars in the physiological sciences and to prepare students for successful careers spanning academia, government and industry.


Graduate students who are interested in integrating the life sciences from molecule to organism.


Dr. Yisang Yoon Physiology Co-Program Director

"Graduate school is where you build your work ethic and sow the seeds for your future career, which I would say requires “Intelligent Perseverance”.  Our Physiology program fosters an environment for students to develop independent thinking skills and to prepare them well for their next career stage."

-Yisang Yoon, PhD