Core Course in Area B

Inquiry 1000 is a one credit hour, small group, discussion-based course designed to engage lower division students in the discovery, exploration, and analysis of ideas that faculty members, across a variety of disciplines, study and investigate. This course fulfills the Core Course requirement in Area B.

Design of Course

All courses will be seminar format, 18-22 students per course with an end of term capstone event—INQR EXPO—an academic festival showcasing student work via posters, photos and videos.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course students will be able to:

Spring 2024: INQR Courses, Instructors and Topics

Design your Life

Ideal for undecided students or those who have changed major.

  Tuesday 1300-1415 Designing Your Life Nathan Rice
  Tuesday 1300-1415 Designing Your Life Naronda Wright
  Tuesday 1300-1415 Designing Your Life Dale Hartenburg
  Tuesday 1300-1415 Designing Your Life Doug Blackburn
  Wednesday 1300-1415 Designing Your Life

Permission Only: Honors

Grace Welsh
  Wednesday 1300-1415 Designing Your Life Samantha Brown
  Wednesday 1300-1415 Designing Your Life Mark Myers
  Wednesday 1430-1545 Designing Your Life Lynsey Steinberg
  Wednesday 1300-1415 Designing Your Life Angelica Hill
  Thursday 1430-1545 Designing Your Life Chris Cannon
  Thursday 1430-1545 Designing Your Life Matthew Smith
  Thursday 1300-1415 Designing Your Life Stefane Raulerson
WEB ONLINE Asynchr Designing Your Life Paula Owens


Ideal for those who want to improve research skills in various topics.

  Tuesday 1430-1545 Life Simpli5ed Roger Duke
  Wednesday 1430-1545 AI in Popular Culture Thomas Weeks
  Tuesday 1430-1545 Building Resilience in College and Life Lisa Prince-Clark
  Wednesday 1430-1545 The Sociology of Food Inequalities

Professional BS/MD Scholars Dental/Medical

Maria Silva
  Tuesday 1430-1545 Utilizing Photo Voice in Your World Rebecca Harper
  Wednesday 1430-1545 Surviving a Cyber-Centric Society Candace Griffith
  Tuesday 1430-1545 Happiness Nai Cheng Kuo
  Thursday 1300-1415 Your Augusta University Experience

AU Transfer Students

Scott Wallace
WEB ONLINE Asynchr Improving Human Performance David Hunt
WEB ONLINE Asynchr Built Environment: Helping or Hindering the Hunt for Health Nicole Peritore
WEB ONLINE Asynchr Sport and Exercise through Social Change

Permission Only: Honors

Hannah Bennett
  Tuesday 1430-1545 How to Save (or Destroy) the world with the United Nations

Permission Only: Honors

Nadia Jilani-Hyler

Student INQR Experience

Happiness Class

"The thing I appreciated the most about my INQR class, was the discussions my professors led. It helped me think deeper about the topics we were  learning and helped me understand the movies we watched more. I also enjoyed the EXPO because it allowed me to explore the other classes and different topics in a brief period of time."


"The inquiry is a great way for students to do research and have questions answered on a certain topic. I believe this course will help guide us as students to help solve problems and it is great way to inspire students on what they want to do in the future."

- Kishan Bhagwandas

Inqr students presentation

Student presenting to judge

"Inquiry 1000 is a class designed to enhance the research abilities of new college student while providing them with an enriching learning experience that allows them to obtain insight in prospective careers. This course is valuable due to the fact that it prepares students for real world inquisition, analysis, and communication in areas of their interests.."

- Brandon Edwards

INQR 1000 Course Proposal

Online proposal applications and signatures are accepted once a year during the fall semester. 

Augusta University faculty members who wish to propose an INQR 1000 course for the upcoming year should visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page prior to submitting an Application. There are two options for teaching the course: Option A and B.

Option A: Designing Your Life Option B: Discipline-Based
A semi-structured curriculum designed to encourage students to move beyond a job title and work toward uncovering their purpose.
Proposal A
A topic-driven seminar which uses active learning strategies to emphasize the importance of asking questions in the process of learning.
Proposal B

Application Process:

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Once the application is complete, submit the signature form with the appropriate signatures to
  3. After application and signature form are successfully submitted, you will notified about the results by email.


Required Signature Form:

INQR 1000 Signature Form for Staff

INQR 1000 Signature Form for Faculty


When proposing your course please consider:

A title that appeals to students, content that can drive course discussion, pedagogy that underscores the beginnings of research, outcomes that encourage student engagement and your own interests in a particular topic. 


Faculty members who teach INQR 1000 will receive $1,000 in professional development per course with a max of $2,000 per year. These funds will be available as research/scholarly support (e.g., travel, if permitted, supplies, computer, and equipment). All guidelines and policies that pertain to state funding apply to this grant.

Course Times: 

INQR 1000 courses will meet for 75 minutes, one time per week for 10 weeks and will be offered:

1:00- 2:15 pm (Option A)
2:30- 3:45 pm (Option B)

1:00 - 2:15 pm (Option A)
2:30- 3:45 pm (Option B)

1:00 - 2:15 pm (Option B)
2:30- 3:45 pm (Option A)

1:00-2:15 pm (Option B)
2:30-3:45 pm (Option A)

Online (Limited Sections)