The purpose of the Business Office is to provide accounts receivable, receipting and cashiering services to students and departments.

We have collected frequently asked questions about the business office, the Nelnet payment plan and the 1098-T. Look through the question and look through MyAugusta. If you still have questions please reach out.

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Business Office

  • Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday
  • Location: First floor of Payne Hall on the Summerville Campus
  • Tuition and fees are due before the first day of classes.  Payment deadlines are published in POUNCE in the billing center, on the Business Office web site, reminder emails include the dates, auto-calls are made, and the dates also appear on flyer's and on the large screen in the Business Office lobby.
  • On each payment deadline, students may pay until 5:00 p.m.
  • After 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date, if your balance is not paid in full, you may be dropped for non-payment.
  • Attendance without payment for tuition and fees is not allowed under BOR Policy.
  • Log onto POUNCE
  • From the main menu, select: “Student Account”
  • A new window will open
  • On the right side, select "My Profile"
  • Click “Authorized Users”
  • Enter the email address of the Authorized User, then make three choices on the statements that are presented to you
  • Click Continue
  • The “Agreement to Add Authorized Users” appears on the screen
  • Click the box stating “I Agree” and you may also print this agreement
  • Click Continue
  • You will see a confirmation email that the authorized user you set up has been provided with access to your account.
  • Payment plans through Nelnet are available through the end of drop/add each semester but if you are registered and need to pay on time, you must contract with Nelnet by the payment deadline for it to count toward your balance due before add/drop.
    • Payment plans are available to students only through the end of the add/drop period of each term and the plans open at the same time as registration.
    • The only payment plan option that is available is through Nelnet
    • Payment plans are not available for prior term balances and they are not available after the close of drop/add
    • Payment plans are not available for students who are not enrolled
    • If you add charges after the payment plan cutoff date, the charges will not be added to your plan and you must pay the University for these charges at the time they are billed.
  • To sign up for a Nelnet Payment Plan, log into POUNCE and complete the steps below:
    • Click on the main menu: Nelnet Payment Plan
    • Select the term for which you need to add the plan
    • Click “Setup Payment Plan”
    • Choose a term
    • Follow the setup steps on the Nelnet web site
    • Review the Nelnet FAQs
  • The coding of your enrollment record begins with your admissions application.  The coding on your student account determines the tuition rate you will pay, as evaluated by Academic Admissions
  • Once you are enrolled, you will need to contact the Registrar’s Office to submit documentation if you believe your residency for tuition purposes is inaccurate or has changed.
  • If you are in the admissions process, you should work through your residency questions with Academic Admissions
  • You will receive two email notifications if your student has provided your email address in POUNCE for you to have access to pay their account.
  • One email will notify you that they have provided you with access.  Your username is included in this email and it will list the email address to be used in the welcome message.
  • The other email will contain your password for the login.
  • Once you log in, you will be able to review your student’s bill and make payment by electronic check or credit card.
  • Electronic check is simply an electronic payment from your bank account.  You enter this by using the bank routing number and account number from the bottom of your check.
  • Credit cards are accepted for a 2.85% convenience fee.
  • If you would like to pay using a savings account electronically, please verify with your banking institution that the savings account allows electronic payments before attempting this type of payment.
  • If you pay with a debit card used as credit, you should be aware that debit cards can carry a daily limit of $500.  Usually, this daily limit amount can be lifted by contacting your bank before making payment.
  • If you have any trouble making payments, please contact the Business Office at 706-737-1767.

Financial aid that is in memo or authorized status has not yet been received by Augusta University from the lender.  If your financial aid memo amount is equal to or greater than the total balance for the semester due to Augusta University, no other payment is needed prior to the first day of class.  However, if your memo amount of financial aid does not cover your outstanding semester balance in full, you will need to make payment to cover the remaining balance prior to the first day of class by the published payment deadline.  You can view your financial aid award status on the Financial Aid link in POUNCE.  Pending financial aid is also listed in the billing center in POUNCE and offsets the balance due.

  • Electronic check online is available through POUNCE at no cost. 
    • Invalid entry of the bank routing or account number will incur a $30 fine after one incorrect offense.
    • All returned electronic and paper check items due to insufficient funds incur a $30 fine (all payment amounts) or 5% of the total cost for payment exceeding $600. 
    • Three returned items will result in returned item fines and your student account will be placed on cash-only hold.
  • Credit card payment is available online for 2.85% of the balance due.
  • Cash, checks, money orders or traveler’s checks are accepted at the Business Office in person.
  • You may wire funds for tuition and fees ahead of the payment deadline.  The payment must be received by the deadline.  Contact the Business Office to find out how to wire a payment.
  • Nelnet payment plans are available to help students defer a portion of the cost of tuition and fees, or to help defer the cost of tuition and fees after a partial financial aid award.  Nelnet information is on the Business Office web pages in the side menu and can also be found within POUNCE.
  • Financial Aid and scholarships may be applied for online prior to the start of the semester and can be credited against your account to offset your balance if you are eligible.  Please visit the Financial Aid webpage or the Office of Student Financial Aid.
  • Third Party Contracts may be set up ahead of the semester by contracting with a third party to pay all or a portion of your tuition and fees to the University on your behalf  If you have a third party contract to set up, please email the Business Office with that information at least 4 weeks ahead of the payment deadline to ensure you can get that contract submitted and to complete the necessary paperwork required by the Business Office. 
  • Log onto POUNCE
  • Click on Pay Your Bill/View Student Account/Set up eRefund Deposit Information
  • Click “Connect to Student Account Center”
  • Click “Payments” tab
  • Click “Make a Payment”
  • Follow the prompts to choose the method of payment
  • Your financial aid refund for each semester will be processed after attendance verification has ended and after financial aid is verified.  The refund amount will include any balance remaining after all institutional charges for the semester have been paid.
  • If you signed up for eRefunds in the billing center within POUNCE, please allow 24-48 hours for the funds to credit your designated bank account. Note, if your bank does not process on weekends, it may be Monday or Tuesday of the following week before funds are received in your account.  Be sure to maintain your banking information in POUNCE to ensure your refunds are not delayed.  This means regularly checking and updating your banking information on POUNCE to ensure you have the correct bank routing and account number for refunds.
  • If you have not signed up for direct deposit (eDeposit), your refund can take up to 10 days by mail to your most current mailing address on file.  If your address becomes invalid at any time, you may change it on POUNCE.
  • First, log onto POUNCE to see if you have a balance due to Augusta University and pay the balance.  Most holds are due to an outstanding balance.  Once the balance is paid, the hold will be released.
  • If your account is on hold and you pay the balance by check, your hold will not be released until the check has cleared the bank.  For payments made with electronic checks, this is five business days and for paper checks this is ten business days.  Business days include Monday through Friday and Saturday but not Sunday.  Holidays are also excluded.
  • Holds will keep you from registering for classes and from receiving your transcripts.  All balances are due immediately or upon registration if they are related to enrollment.
  • If your account reflects a “cash only” hold, you will need to pay your outstanding balances with a cash-type payment in the Business Office.  These holds are rare, but they are placed against your account due to excessive returned checks.
  • Holds are released daily by the Business Office as they are cleared by payments.
  • Sometimes a hold may be due to invalid or missing contact information.  If the Business Office cannot contact you using the information that you have provided on POUNCE, a hold may be placed until you update that information.  You may make the update within POUNCE or call or email the Business Office.
  • Log onto POUNCE
  • Choose the menu item: Pay Your Bill/View Student Account/Set up eRefund Deposit Information
  • Click “Connect to Student Account Center” (you may need to disable pop-up blockers in your browser settings)
  • Once you are in the Student Account Center, click the tab labeled eRefunds at the top of the screen
  • Click “Set up Account”
  • Complete your banking information (checking or savings account information)
  • Click “I Agree” when presented with the agreement
  • Click Continue
  • You will see a page confirming “Your new ACH refund account has been saved”
  • You may change your refund account designation at any time if it becomes invalid or if you want to change the account for refunds.  Remember to first inactivate your current account information before entering a new account designation.
  • Refunds are processed bi-weekly outside of the scheduled semester refund dates
  • If you have signed up for eDeposit on POUNCE this is the most reliable and most efficient way to receive refunds

Visit to pay a parking permit or fine.

  • You should check your POUNCE account periodically through the term to pay any outstanding balances and to avoid end of term holds.  These types of charges are payable in the student account center in POUNCE and are due when the charge is assessed.
  • You will receive courtesy email notifications from the Business_Office email account notifying you of your outstanding obligations.
  • Unpaid amounts will result in your student account being placed on hold.  Holds will not be removed until your balances are paid in full.  Services may be withheld until fines or fees are paid in full as well.
  • Yes, account balances must be paid in full to be eligible to register for the next semester.
  • All institutional balances must be paid in full to attend class.
  • Any outstanding balance on or after the first day of class may result in being dropped from your classes due to non-payment.
  • Non-attendance in your scheduled classes may result in being dropped from classes due to non-attendance.
  • Undergraduate rates are determined by the Georgia Board of Regents for each USG Institution.  While they may increase a small percentage each fall, Augusta University maintains the most competitive tuition rates in the state for our programs of study.
  • Graduate and professional rates are reviewed and researched each year including an in-depth peer analysis by the Augusta University Colleges.  Budgetary requirements are finalized and peer competitor analysis is performed to ensure Augusta University is offering the most competitive rate possible for the graduate and professional programs that it offers.  Augusta University has very competitive rates.
  • Out-of-state tuition waivers must be applied for through the Registrar’s Office your first term of enrollment if you did not apply for the waiver during your Admissions process.
  • The waiver application should be submitted by the deadlines published on the Registrar's web page to ensure your application and any supporting documents can be reviewed and processed before the payment deadline of the upcoming semester.
  • If you are not able to get your waiver finalized before the payment deadline, you should plan to make payment in full for the semester by the payment deadline.  If your waiver is approved, any overage will be refunded to you once the waiver has been applied to your student account to offset a portion of your balance.
  • Tuition Assistant Program (TAP) waivers have their own strict deadlines for application and processing that must be adhered to.  There is also a TAP Benefit Course provided by Human Resources that is very beneficial to TAP waiver participants.  TAP is a benefit of employment, and there are tax implications for tap waivers exceeding $5,250 in a tax year.  TAP recipients are responsible for paying all balances not covered by the TAP benefit. TAP exceeding $5,250 in a tax year will be taxed through the Payroll Office.
  • Most waivers require an application and submission of supporting documentation each and every semester.  Be sure to take care of this in a timely manner to avoid having to pay for unnecessary out of pocket costs that would otherwise have been waived.
  • Waivers are included in your account details on POUNCE. 
  • TAP may not cover all tuition for which you are charged, and will not cover non-mandatory fees such as course, program, lab or book fees, etc.  You are responsible for paying these non-covered amounts by the payment deadline.

Nelnet Payment Plan

To read about Nelnet Payment Plans, please visit the Nelnet web site: then click on “Actively Managed Tuition Payment Plans” menu item. You may also contact Nelnet with questions at 1‐800‐609‐8056 for more information. There is a request form for literature on their website. This is recommended if you are thinking about signing up for a payment plan.

  • Please go to POUNCE, log in.
  • Click the menu item: “Nelnet Payment Plan”
  • Select the academic term on which you will be setting up the payment plan. This should be the current term each time.
  • $4500 is the maximum allowed on the plan
  • $100 is the minimum allowed on the plan


Make sure you let them know you are a student at Augusta University, a University System of Georgia Institution

  • Nelnet allows you to sign up with a bank account to pay automatically by ACH draft or you may enter a valid credit card number. Credit cards carry a 2.85% convenience fee if you choose that method.
  • The convenience fee charge for paying with credit may appear as a separate charge amount on your statement, or on the person's statement who is paying on your behalf.
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. The fee will be charged for each payment you make using the credit card method.
  •  If your bank account information changes, you must make the change with Nelnet by going to and logging in.

Any remaining balance will be included in your down‐payment amount on the plan.

  • Your down‐payment percentage is determined by the date on which you sign up. Earlier sign up results in a lower percentage and lower enrollment fee.
  • The Enrollment fee goes up as we near the start of the semester.
  • In addition, the later you sign up, the fewer the number of payments Nelnet offers, and the cost of each payment goes up.
  • The specific options and timeline for these amounts is available on the website, and also appear on the Nelnet Bookmark available in all student services offices.

Yes, if you have not already added financial aid to cover the balance. Additional financial aid added after you contract with Nelnet for a payment plan will then be uploaded by the Business Office to Nelnet so that Nelnet will use that funding to reduce the amount that you owe.  Any amount over the cost of tuition and fees will be refunded once payment is received from Nelnet.

Yes until the cutoff date set up by Nelnet for the semester. After this date you will be refunded for any overage and then pay Nelnet directly to reduce your payment plan.

Yes, all pending payments that are on POUNCE, including financial aid, third party payments, or any prepaid tuition in memo status or authorized status are counted towards your balance reduction.

  • The payment plan sign up process provides many steps and you can back out until you click “submit”. After that, the payment plan contract is between Nelnet and you, the student. You will have to contact Nelnet for options at that point. Down payments are charged to your bank account or credit card immediately.
  • Payment plan payments will show on your bank statement as an Augusta University payment to ensure you know that this is your Nelnet Payment Plan deduction.
  • If you pay your payment plan with a credit card, a separate charge for the 2.85% convenience fee will appear on the credit card statement. This is not a duplicate charge. If someone other than you is responsible for your payment plan, be sure to make them aware of the information in this FAQ, including how payment deductions will appear on their statements.
  • FERPA authorization is required to be on file for the Business Office to speak with someone other than the student about financial information including Nelnet. The FERPA release form can be found on the Business Office web site and on the Registrar’s website.
  • Nelnet will charge you various penalties for non‐payment. Please see their website for more information. Be responsible when signing up for a plan. If you cannot complete the payment schedule, do not sign up.
  • If you do not make a successful first payment, your payment plan is canceled and you will owe your full balance to the University immediately. Nelnet will attempt your payment three times before they turn your balance back over to the University.
  • If you default or submit an invalid payment type, you will not be able to participate in payment plans with Nelnet again.
  • If you incur any returned payment charges that are not paid to Nelnet, these will be charged to you by Augusta University upon receiving the payment from Nelnet.  Unpaid fines for returned payment will result in account holds.
  • The institution cannot intervene in any issue between a student and Nelnet regarding their payment plans.
  • There is no effect on financial status at the University other than you will not be able to sign up for a payment plan in a future term if you default or become in arrears with Nelnet.  However, if you are not able to make your down payment successfully, your plan is automatically canceled and your balance is immediately due to Augusta University. 
  • Payment rejection will occur if the payment type you send to Nelnet is invalid or if insufficient funds for your first payment.  If you do not pay Nelnet for the returned payment charges, they will be charged to you by Augusta University.  If unpaid, account holds will be placed until payment is made in full.
  • The University will notify you via email if you owe a balance, but it is your responsibility to check your POUNCE account and your University email account and to stay in contact with Nelnet to ensure timely payments on your student account and your payment plan.
  • Payment plans are available after registration opens for each term. The latest you should sign up for a payment plan is by the payment due date which is generally the business day before the first day of classes for each term. You may sign up for a payment plan as soon as you have a student bill, which is as soon as you register for classes. It is best to sign up at least by the due date to ensure you are not at risk for drop for nonpayment.
  • The Nelnet payment plan will reduce your student account balance as payment in full of any outstanding balance. Nelnet will automatically add the amount of your balance that exceeds $4500 to the down‐payment amount. Therefore you will need to be prepared to pay Nelnet for this amount and any other fees or charges you incur.
  • The last day to sign up for payment plans will always be the last day of add/drop for any late registration courses you add. Courses that you drop will be adjusted from the Nelnet payment plan through the end of add/drop. After this date, any tuition reversal due to a late drop will not be adjusted automatically through Nelnet. You will receive a refund for the dropped amount after that date and then pay Nelnet to reduce your payment plan.
  • You can find the dates for each term on the University Calendar, and in POUNCE via student billing center.


Tax year 2021 1098‐T electronic forms will be available on POUNCE in the billing center no later than January 31, 2022.  There is a link to the Paper Form process from POUNCE.  Students who were enrolled prior to fall of 2021 and would like to review or print their prior year 1098-T form may do so from POUNCE as well.

An agreement to authorize the institution  to  provide  your supplemental  tax  information  to you  electronically  via POUNCE.  This is the same information that you would receive on paper. Online availability provides zero wait time, increased security, and the option to print the form multiple times, anytime.  The electronic form is delivered in the same format as the paper forms.

Your  1098‐T  authorization  will  apply  to  the  current  tax  year  and  every  year  following  the date of  consent  that  applicable data  is  available.    The tax year is inclusive of all payments of qualified charges that  occurred  between  January 1  and  December 31.

Yes. Instructions for receiving a paper copy are available below and on POUNCE:

Students who wish to receive a paper 1098-T statement in addition to the electronic version must submit a formal, notarized request to the Business Office. To withdraw consent to receive this form electronically, a separate formal notarized request must also be sent to the Business Office. More information regarding this can be found on the Business Office website in the 1098-T FAQ.

Please defer this question to your tax preparer.  Generally, 1098-T forms are supplemental, and thus, not a required document.  The Business Office will not provide tax filing information to students as we are not certified tax preparers.

IRS regulations state: “Qualified tuition and related expenses are tuition and fees a student must pay to be enrolled at or attend an eligible educational institution.”

The IRS guidelines specifically include tuition and fees that were paid by students during the applicable calendar year.  Payments for personal, living or family expenses are not considered a qualified payments and are not reported.  This excludes payments for room and board, insurance, transportation (parking), and medical expenses (student health fees).  This is true even if the charge must be paid to the institution as a condition of enrollment or attendance.

1098-T data is reported based on the dates tuition and fees were paid on your account.  The IRS requires tax information to be reported based on the calendar year including January 1-December 31.  If you registered for the 2022 spring term during 2021, but paid in 2022, the payment will be reported on the 2022 1098-T tax form. 

Graduates have access to POUNCE for 1 year after their graduation date.

Your tax form will be mailed to your permanent address if you were not enrolled past summer 2021.

Be sure to keep your personal information updated on POUNCE by entering updates online, or by submitting updates to the Registrar’s Office or by calling (706) 446-1432. 

The IRS has a reporting requirement that any students who receive a 1098-T supplemental tax form must have a valid SSN or TIN on file, or be required to respond that they do not have a SSN or TIN.  If the institution identifies records missing the SSN or TIN, the institution must send notice to the individual to collect this information via form W-9S.  If your record is found to have an invalid or missing SSN, you will be required to remit proof of the valid SSN or TIN. IRS W-9 Form Information

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