The Information Technology Resource Committee serves as an interface between faculty and IT services on campus.


One representative from each college serves a two-year term and are appointed by the Committee on Committees of the Faculty Senate.


Paul Attie

Meeting Schedule

Information Technology Resource Committee typically meets monthly. The Chair with the representatives will set the meeting dates & times. The Chair will call the first meeting of each academic year.

Agendas & Minutes

Membership Roster

Patty Watford College of Allied Health Sciences 2022-2023
Sharod Purohit College of Allied Health Sciences 2022-2023
Andrew Moore College of Education 2022-2023
Catherine Jauregui Dental College of Georgia 2022-2023
Ram Bishnoi Medical College of Georgia 2022-2023
Matthew Nicholson Medical College of Georgia 2022-2023
Rod Bustos Libraries 2022-2023
Robert Bledsoe Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences 2022-2023
Joshua Thomas College of Nursing 2022-2023
Colleen Walters College of Nursing 2022-2023
Paul Attie (Chair) School of Computer and Cyber Sciences 2021-2024