Students, faculty and staff can report an on-campus violation of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) for Augusta University to remedy. Please report if you see a violation that affects physical accessibility, our ADA Facilities Specialist will contact you. 

What happens when I report a concern?

  1. An ADA concern is discovered (related to AU facilities - building sidewalk, parking, etc.).

  2. A report is made using the online form below. 

  3. An ADA Facilities Specialist contacts you (the reporter) for further details and will perform an inspection to document the condition.

  4. Our ADA Facilities Specialist will determine if the concern is in compliance with ADA standards.

  5. If concern is compliant, with leadership approval, no further action is taken. Reporter will be notified.

  6. If concern is non-compliant, a report is made and a recommended solution is submitted to university leadership for review.

  7. AU will initiate appropriate process for resolution (project request, maintenance request, etc.)

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