Student Counseling and Psychological Services (SCAPS) recognizes its role in preparing future counselors and psychologists to serve the needs of college and university students. SCAPS serves as a training site for psychology doctoral interns through participation in the Augusta University Medical College of Georgia-Charlie Norwood Veterans Affairs Medical Center Psychology Internship Consortium (American Psychological Association approved.) Additionally, SCAPS is a practicum/internship training site for advanced graduate students in the clinical psychology and counselor education master’s degree programs at Augusta University. Both doctoral and master’s level trainees carry their own individual counseling caseload, and engage in a variety of other clinical and outreach activities typical of university counseling centers.

All trainees complete approximately two weeks of training and orientation activities prior to seeing clients. Most master’s level trainees complete about 20 hours each week to fulfill the requirements of their educational programs and coordinate their schedule with their supervisor to accommodate class schedule and graduate assistantship hours, if applicable. Doctoral interns provide one day per week of clinical service with us, in addition to their work at other consortium sites.


Trainees develop a variety of skills during their practicum/internship experience. Student Counseling and Psychological Services provides professional counseling services to Augusta University students free of charge. In addition to individual, couples and group counseling services, the Center provides crisis counseling, consultation and outreach programming. Trainees’ activities and participation in these services are determined based on their training goals, program expectations, and their supervisor’s determination of developmental progress.


Master’s level trainees are supervised by licensed professional counselors and licensed psychologists. Doctoral interns are supervised by a licensed psychologist who also serves on the clinical faculty in the Augusta University Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior. In addition to working closely with their supervisor and receiving formal, dedicated supervision sessions, trainees also benefit from the expertise and mentoring of other clinicians on staff during their time at SCAPS. Interns will frequently record counseling sessions to use for supervision and training purposes. The counselor intern office is equipped with audio/video taping equipment.